Annual Student Essay Prize

Annual Student Essay Prize

The Society for Linguistic Anthropology holds an annual student essay competition at both undergraduate and graduate levels. In order to be eligible for one of these awards, the applicant must have been either a graduate or undergraduate student in a degree-granting program when the paper was written; must be the sole author of the paper; and must submit the paper no more than two years after it was written.

The paper must be an original work based on original research conducted by the author. It will be evaluated on the basis of clarity, significance to the field, and substantive contribution. The paper should be suitable for submission to the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology and must not exceed 25 double-spaced pages, not including bibliography. At the time of submission for this competition, the paper must not have been published or submitted for publication.

The winner in each category (graduate and undergraduate) will receive a $500 prize and a grant of up to $300 to cover expenses for travel to the AAA meeting to accept the award.

Annual Student Essay Prize Winners




Molly Bloom (University of California, Los Angeles)

Advisor: Norma Mendoza Denton

Janet E. Connor (University of Chicago)

Advisors: Susan Gal and Julie Chu

Honorable Mentions

Crystal Sheedy (University at Albany (SUNY))

Advisor: Dr. James P. Collins

Nora Tyeklar (The University of Texas Austin)

Advisors: Dr. Elizabeth L. Keating & Dr. Anthony K. Webster



Jack LaViolette (University of Pennsylvania)

“Cyber-Metapragmatics” and Alterity on

Alessandra Rosen (Hunter College)

“Yoga is Made for You”: Meta-Voicing Yoga Brand and Type

Honorable Mentions

Emily Corvi (Hunter College)

“China, The Source of Fantasy.”: Material (in)Authenticity and the Emergence of the Racialized Other

Alice Frederick (Princeton University)

Language Ideologies and Esperanto: Identity, Neutrality, and Universalism in a Planned Language

Carla Nieves (University of Puerto Rico)

Cooperation through Translingual and Transmodal Practice: A Case Study of a Deaf–Hearing Family in Puerto Rico




Andrew Carruthers (Yale University)

“Between Affinity and Equivalence: Undocumented Migration, Commensuration, and Intrusive Phonosonics in the Indonesia-Malaysia Borderlands”

3 Honorable Mentions

Lynnette Arnold (University of California, Santa Barbara)

“Collective Remembering, Shared Imagining: The Chronotopic Creation of Transnational Togetherness”

Gregory Kohler (University of California, Irvine)

“ ‘Gregory Dry’: Parody and the Morality of Brand”

Andrea Leone-Pizzighela (University of Pennsylvania)

“Ideologies of Personhood: A Citizen Sociolinguistic Case Study of the Roman Dialect”



Korinne Dunn (Indiana University)

“Binders Full of Regret: The Circulation of Blunders in US Presidential Politics”


Kira Greenberg (Vassar College)

“#SixSeasonsAndAMovie: An Analysis of Fanfiction as a Form of Virtual Mediation of the Fan Community of Community

Honorable Mentions

Margaret Tennis (Brown University)

“Russian to Conclusions: The Western Media’s Ideological Approach to Language in Ukraine”

Rose Underhill  (U Mass Amherst)

“Traditional Speech and Alternative Culture: Intersections of Age, Class, and Persona in Baltimore (Hon)”




Magnus Pharao Hansen (Brown University)

“The Difference Language Makes: The Life-History of Nahuatl in Two Mexican Families”

4 Honorable Mentions:

Perry Sherouse (University of Michigan)

“Russian Presence in Georgian Film Dubbing: Scales of Inferiority”

Katherine B Martineau (University of Michigan)

“Copywork: The Reproduction of Linguistic Form As the Entextualization of Relations in Indian News Production”

Lori Labotka (University of Arizona)

“I Have to Read It out loud”: Creating the State in Prison Discipline”

Matthew L Hale (Indiana University)

“Cosplay and Intertextual Play: Rethinking Fan Culture and Textuality”



2 Winners:

Elise Kramer (University of Chicago)

“Speaking for the Voiceless: Metaphors of Power and Agency in Political Discourse”

Katherine Geenberg (Stanford University)

“Fractal Marginalization and Linguistic Style in Hill Country: How the Nor-Rel-Muk Indians Mix Local Englishes to Construct Authenticity”

3 Honorable Mentions:

Jonghyun Park (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

“Korean Rap and Rhyme: Local Enregisterment of a Foreign Genre”

Jenanne Ferguson (University of Aberdeen)

“Code-mixing among Sakha-Russian Bilinguals in Yakutsk: A Spectrum of Features and Shifting Indexical Fields”

Sabrina Gavigan (American University)

“Meet the [Neoliberal] Faces of Mexico”


2 Winners:

Alice Yeh (University of California, Berkeley)

“Retrospective Re-creation: Latin sine fine and the Afterlife of a Classic”

Sarah Carson (Wayne State University)

“Black Nerds in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis”

2 Honorable Mentions:

Joshua Babcock (University of Chicago)

“Mediating Technologies: Language Ideology, Social Differentiation, and Communicative Affordances in the Making of Fractal Publics in an Online Debate of Gender Nonconformity”

Shifra Sered (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

“Promoting, Prohibiting, and Playing with Taboo Language: The Sociolinguistic Construction of Sexual Slurs on a College Campus”




Jennifer Guzmán (University of California, Los Angeles)

“The Epistemics of Symptom Experience and Symptom Accounts in Mapuche Healing and Pediatric Primary Care in Southern Chile”

3 Honorable Mentions:

Charles (Chip) Zuckerman (University of Michigan)

“The Gradient Resolution of Voice: Forms to Figures in a Hmong Market”

Lauren Zentz (University of Arizona)

“‘Love’ the local, ‘use’ the national, ‘study’ the foreign: Shifting Javanese Language  Ecologies in (Post-)Modernity, Postcoloniality, and Globalization”

Dario Valles (Northwestern University)

“From Madness to Badness: Enregisterment of Neoliberal Mental Health Policy-Speak and the Erasure of Laboring Bodies”



Kamala Russell (University of Chicago)

“Form and Function: Character Viewpoint Gestures in Dialogic Narrative”

Honorable Mention:

Hannah Carlan (New York University)

“‘It’s a brown thing’: Gender, Stereotyping, and Humorous Conversation in a South Asian Community of Practice”




Rebecca M. Pardo (University of Pennsylvania)

“‘There was nothing racial that I said’: Reality Television and the Metapragmatics of Racism”

3 Honorable Mentions:

Antonio José Bacelar da Silva (University of Arizona)

“Dialogism in the Brazilian Black Movement’s Affirmative Language Practices”

Elizabeth Peacock (University of California, San Diego)

“Stance-Taking in a Social Minefield: Ukrainian Youth and Emigration Discourses”

Lynnette Arnold (University of California, Santa Barbara)

“‘Getting your hands dirty’: Participation in Ideology and Interaction at a California Community Bike Shop”



Janet Connor (University of Chicago)

“National Standardization or Strength in Diversity? Language Ideological Debates in the South of France”

2 Honorable Mentions:

Alex Warburton (University of Chicago)

“‘That’s ama:::zing, Jeremy’: Parody and the Emerging Gendered Enregisterment of Creaky Voice in American English”

Karen M. Kuhn (New York University)

“Portraits of the White Uniform: Linguistic Play and Cultural Symbols in a Catalan Sports-Comedy Series”




Nicholas Harkness (University of Chicago)

“Vowel Harmony Redux: A Binary Structure of Attribution in Korean and Its Ideological Framings”



Jade Sewa de la Paz (Brooklyn College)

“‘OMG, guess what?!’: The Indispensability of Gossip in Community Building”




Benjamin K. Smith (University of Chicago)

Of Marbles and (Little) Men: Bad Luck, Aymara Boyhood and Masculine Identification



Ruairidh Falconer (University of Aberdeen)

“Santiago Atitlán: Globalisation and Bilingual Development among Youth in a Mayan Town”




Alejandro Paz (University of Chicago)

The Circulation of Chisme and Rumor: Gossip, Evidentiality, and Authority in the Perspective of Latino Labor Migrants in Israel



Lauren E. Deal (George Washington University)

“Fat Birds and Intercostals: Ideologies of Science and Poetry in Bel Canto Singing”




Graduate: Isaac Gagné (Yale University)

Role-Playing and ‘Women’s Language’ in Japan’s Gothic/Lolita Subculture


Honorable Mention:

Lauren Knapp (Grinnell College)

“The Way It Ought to Be: Objectification through Bluegrass Performance”


No prize awarded.




Heather Loyd (University of California, Los Angeles)

“Language Socialization in Nicastro, Italy”


No prize awarded.




Joseph Sung-Yul Park (University of California, Santa Barbara)

“Ideological Aspects of Korean English Yumeo



2 Winners:

  1. Eleanor Culley (University of Virginia)

Learning to Listen: Confronting Two Meanings of ‘Language Loss’ in the Contemporary White Mountain Speech Community

Jonathan Larson (University of Michigan)

Ambiguous Transparency: Résumé Fetishism in a Slovak Workshop



Sarah Meacham (University of California, Los Angeles)

Getting Schooled: Rehabilitative Practices in a Los Angeles Court School

Honorable Mention:

Angela Reyes (University of Pennsylvania)

Emergent Paradigms of Asian American Identity