Interdisciplinary Public Engagement Award

SLA Interdisciplinary Public Engagement Award


Two prizes were awarded in 2016 for presentations to take place in 2017.

The Panel “Language and Educational Justice: Critiquing Deficit Approaches to the Education of Linguistically and Racially Marginalized Students” will be presented on 1/17 at the LSA by Mary Bucholtz, Anne Charity Hudley, Anna Bax, Emiliana Cruz, Michael DeGraff, Kris Guttiérez, Joseph Hill, Katie Lateef-Jan, Wesley Leonard, Jessica Love-Nichols, Christine Mallinson, Jonathan Rosa, and Ana Celia Zentella

The Panel “Raciolinguistic Approaches to the Analysis of Language and Social Life” will be presented on 6/17 at the International Association of Applied Linguistics World Congress of Applied Linguistics by Jonathan Rosa, H. Samy Alim, Mary Bucholtz, Angela Reyes, Nelson Flores, Adrienne Lo, and Ramón Martínez.