The annual meeting in San Francisco is now two weeks away. We wanted to bring to your attention a ‘special event’ on the schedule. Thanks to our SLA president, Norma Mendoza-Denton, a new forum for open discussion on current issues of interest to the membership has been placed on the agenda. The inaugural SLA presidential panel entitled: Frontiers in Methodology in Linguistic Anthropology has been organized for Thursday evening from 7:30-9pm in Union Square 22. Charles Goodwin, Marjorie H. Goodwin, Brendan O’Connor, Susan Philips and Deborah Tannen will be discussing how current theoretical interests within our subdiscipline have influenced how we do fieldwork. This panel is part of a larger interest in encouraging linguistic anthropologists to more actively articulate our field methods for both ourselves and for those outside of our field who draw on linguistic anthropology in their own work. We encourage all the membership to come together to discuss and debate the current state of methodologies in our discipline(s).

We hope to see you there,

Barb Meek
Associate Professor,
Departments of Anthropology and Linguisitics
University of Michigan


Diane Riskedahl
Sessional Lecturer,
Department of Anthropology,
University of Toronto-St. George