November 5, 2012 No Comments Diego Arispe-Bazán (SLA Web Assistant) AAA, Digital media, SLA

Via Jocelyn Ahlers

Hello –

Thanks to the hard work of the SLA’s web team, we are able to offer what we hope will be a useful service to all presenters at the AAA who are planning to bring handouts and who would like an additional way to distribute those handouts to conference attendees.  The SLA website will host a page with links to pdfs of the handouts of all presenters who are interested, so that conference attendees can download those handouts onto smart devices before or during the conference.
If you would like your handout to be included, please submit a pdf of your handout, with your name and talk title on the first page by November 12th.  You can submit it by using the form on the handout display page, or you can send it to  Please entitle the pdf as follows:  YOURLASTNAME_AAA2012.PDF.  These can then be found (in alphabetical order by author last name) by all attendees on one page, linked to the SLA home page.  You can use the url above to direct audience members to handouts.  The schedule of SLA panels posted on our website will also have links to talk handouts.

I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks,

Jocelyn C. Ahlers
Program Committee Chair, Society for Linguistic Anthropology