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Dear Linguistic Anthropologists,

As your new Section Program Editor I regret that I am getting off to a fairly exciting start. There have been some changes to procedures and deadline about which I have only just become aware – I am using every means of communication to spread my belated awareness among you all.

The Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) invites your submissions for the American Anthropological Association’s 2014 Annual Meeting, which will be held this year in Washington, D.C. December 3-7. This year’s theme is: “Producing Anthropology”. I am writing to encourage you to submit invited sessions, volunteered sessions, and volunteered papers and posters.

There are some changes to deadlines and procedures 

There have been some procedural changes, along with terminology changes and changes to deadlines. These are most significant for what are now being called Executive sessions.

Executive Session Panels (were invited sessions) Stage 1 due February 15th 

Deadline for submission for the first stage of an Executive Session is February 15th. I know that this is very short notice, however the submission requires only that you have the session abstract (of no more than 500 words), keywords, length of session, anticipated attendance, presenter names and roles. Organizers’ membership must be current unless eligible for a membership exemption (anthropologists living outside of the US/Canada or non-anthropologists) and have registered for the 2014 Annual Meeting. Organizers must submit this information by Noon EDT on February 15, 2014. 

The presenters submit what is now being called the second set. This consists of their own individual abstracts, titles and keywords. Thse must be uploaded by 5:00pm EDT on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

I encourage you to begin brainstorming potential Executive Sessions, and to submit your session abstracts and participant lists as soon as you can.

Executive Session Roundtable Submissions – Due February 15, 2014 

Roundtables also involve a session abstract, session information and presenter names. Roundtable presenters do NOT submit individual abstracts.

Volunteered sessions, individual papers, individual posters, roundtable submissions and installation submssions: April 15 deadline 

Proposals for volunteered sessions, individual papers, and individual posters must be submitted to the AAA website by April 15. Please be sure to indicate, for all individual papers, whether you are willing to present a poster as an alternative if necessary.

Roundtable submissions, as with the Executive Session, require only a session abstract and no individual submissions.

Installation submissions require ideal space configurations, in addition to the regular requirements for sessions.

General information and other thoughts: 

The Society for Linguistic Anthropology would like to encourage panel organizers to make use of the SLA website for the building of sessions: www.linguisticanthropology.org . We encourage SLA members as well as nonmembers to visit the site and post descriptions of panels-in-progress. This is potentially a great way to find other scholars working in your area of interest. The email linganth list is also a great place to advertise panel ideas; for information on how to subscribe, visit http://www.linguisticanthropology.org/resources/mailing-lists/.

The double-panel has been eliminated. If you have a session which would fit the earlier double-panel format you might consider submitting it as two related panels.

The AAA adheres to a very strict “one paper/one other role” rule. However the chair of a session is no longer counted as a role. AAA has recognized that a chair who has two other roles at the meetings may draw an audience to a session. Participation in special events like chairing a business meeting or leading a workshop are also not included in this calculation.

The organizer of a volunteered session MUST be clear in directing the session to a particular section for review, and the same goes for authors of volunteered papers. If session organizers or authors are in doubt as to where their proposals will be best received, please contact all of the relevant section program editors for preliminary assessments before completing your submission.

Session organizers must check the progress of the session to make sure each participant registers and/or submits a paper/poster by April 15. If a participant role is incomplete -either by not registering or by not submitting an abstract – the participant will not appear as part of their session in the preliminary or final program.

If a panel includes a non-anthropologist, this person may apply to have the Association membership waived but must still pay the meeting registration fee. The non-member (not the organizer of the panel) can apply for the waiver when they go through the submission process.

Please contact me if you have any questions (judy.pine@wwu.edu) I’m looking forward to another exciting AAA Annual Meeting with strong SLA participation! Judith Pine Chair, SLA Program Committee