Linguistic Anthropology Roundup #10

Rounding Up the Web It seems to be common practice among bloggers, at least among academic ones, to summarize interesting items from recent online texts. For instance, our colleagues over at Neuroanthropology have their longstanding “Wednesday Round Up” feature. And those at Savage Minds have “Around the Web.” In some ways, these SLA roundups are […]

Introducing Lindsay Bell, Graduate Student Representative

Short bio for Lindsay Bell, the SLA’s graduate student representative

American Anthropological Association 2009 Annual Meeting

Panels and meetings of interest to linguistic anthropologists at the 2009 meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

Call for submissions for the Sapir Prize (2009)

Call for submissions for the Sapir Prize

Call for submissions for the Sapir Prize

The Edward Sapir Book Prize was established in 2001 and is awarded in alternate years to a book that makes the most significant contribution to our understanding of language in society, or the ways in which language mediates historical or contemporary sociocultural processes. The SLA invites books with conceptual and theoretical focus, as well as […]

Invited session deadline postponed

Dear Linguistic Anthropologists, The Society of Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) has postponed the deadline for invited sessions from Monday, March 3, to Friday, March 7th. We hope that this will enable more of you to get sessions together for submission. The earlier post I sent out regarding the submission process isĀ archived below, in case you missed […]

AAA 2008 Panel Submissions

Dear Linguistic Anthropologists,

It’s that time of year again: The Society of Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) invites your submissions for the American Anthropological Association’s 107th Annual Meeting, to be held in San Francisco, CA, on November

Resolution on Language Questions in the US Census

Proposed by CfHR Task Group on Language and Social Justice Laura R. Graham, Chair, Ana Celia Zentella, Bonnie Uricioli (With assistance from Terry Turner) Whereas: Anthropology as a profession is committed to the promotion and protection of the right of peoples everywhere to the full realization of their humanity, which is to say their capacity […]

Linguistic Anthropology Sessions at the AAA

List of linguistic anthropology sessions at the 2007 AAA.

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