Chad Nilep

Chad Nilep

AAA Leadership Nominations extended to 10 October

The AAA Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for open positions on the 2013 AAA ballot. The deadline for nominations in Monday 1 October 2012.

Players can group up to complete quests, explore the world, roleplay, or any other of a number of in-game activities. (Screenshot taken by the author. World of Warcraft ©2004 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Digital ethnography of linguistic multitasking in World of Warcraft

Lauren Collister, a Ph.D. candidate in sociolinguistics at the University of Pittsburgh, describes how digital ethnography deepened her understanding of multimodal communication within a team of World of Warcraft game players. Players use text, voice-over-IP talk, and face-to-face talk to accomplish distinct functions.