Leila Monaghan is Digital Content Editor for this SLA Website. She has a PhD in linguistic anthropology from UCLA and has done work on the development of language and cultures of the Deaf community of New Zealand and internationally. She also does research on the history of linguistic anthropology and local women's groups.

Languages of Christmas

From my University of Wyoming Colleague Paul Flesher. Comments on this piece and the languages of Channukah and other holidays most welcome! Happy holidays to you all, Leila UW Religion Today Column for Week of Dec. 18-24: Speaking Internationally: The Languages of Joseph, Mary and the Wise Men Share This Story: December 14, 2011 — […]

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology Top Articles

Below is a list of the top 20 most downloaded articles from Journal of Linguistic Anthropology during 2010. Thanks to Wiley-Blackwell for supplying this information. All authors are invited to discuss these articles in more depth in a separate blog post. (Rank Accesses Article Title Authors Volume Issue) 1 (863) The Whiteness of Nerds: Superstandard […]

Language Links #3

Language Links #3

This piece does not reflect the official opinion of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology, its officers or its individual members. One of the most important functions of this blog is to inform people of current work being done within linguistic anthropology. As part of this, all linguistic anthropologists are invited to discuss current publications including […]

Call for Papers: Computational Models of Narrative

Call for Papers: Computational Models of Narrative

This post does not reflect the official opinions of the SLA, its officers or individual members. I thought this call for papers was interesting as it directly connects to the discussion we have been having in Language Links on computational models, cheers, Leila International Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative May 20-22, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey […]

Response to Language Links #2

This post does not reflect the official opinions of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology, the SLA Blog or individual members of the SLA. From: Aaron Bady, Oakland, CA: http://zunguzungu.wordpress.com/ Do you notice how none of the “don’t read” stuff in that article are actually quotes from Moretti? For example, here’s Moretti:
“[W]hy set quantitative evidence in […]

Call for papers, AAA 2011: Language Contact

Forty Years After: Tidemarks, Legacies and Futures of Research on Language Contact This year marks forty years since the publication of Pidginization and Creolization of Languages. Edited by Dell Hymes, the volume has been foundational for research on language contact and creolization. Furthermore, in foreshadowing our intellectual engagements with the shifting realities of today, many […]

Congratulations to our Student Essay Prize Winners!

From Jillian Cavanaugh, Brooklyn College, Chair of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Student Essay Prize Committee The 2010 SLA Graduate Student Essay prize went to: Nicholas Harkness (University of Chicago) for his paper “Vowel Harmony Redux: A Binary Structure of Attribution in Korean and Its Ideological Framings.” The 2010 SLA Undergraduate Student Essay Prize went […]

Announcing the new “Tools for Linguistic Anthropologists” SLA resource site

We are very pleased to announce the first of a series of new resource sites, Tools for Linguistic Anthropologists, a blog and archive for the latest information about audio, video, and other tools we use in our field: http://kit.linguisticanthropology.org/about/ The site currently includes articles by Mark Sicoli and Robin Shoaps and links to useful websites […]