A former political journalist in Washington, DC, Mark Allen Peterson received his PhD from Brown University in 1996. He holds a joint position in Anthropology and International Studies. Peterson has conducted fieldwork in Egypt, India and the U.S. He is the author of the book Anthropology and Mass Communication: Myth and Media in the New Millennium (Berghahn 2003) and Connected in Cairo: Growing Up Cosmopolitan in the Modern Middle East (Indiana University Press 2011). He is co-author of International Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Issues (Westview 2008). He has published articles in Anthropology Today, Anthropological Quarterly, Childhood, Contemporary Islam, New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, Social Anthropology and Research in Economic Anthropology as well as in the books At War With Words (Walter de Gruyter 2003), Media Anthropology (Sage 2005), Folklore/Cinema (Utah State 2007), The Anthropology of News and Journalism (Indiana 2010) and Theorizing Media and Practice (Berghahn 2010).

When Cream Is Not Cool

Teaching the context bound nature of linguistic meaning.

Circulating Among the Language Panels in New Orleans

Mark Allen Peterson Miami University Circulation is the keyword of this year’s meeting, and it appears in the title of several of the more than forty panels devoted to language at the meetings in New Orleans next month. There are eight language panels on Wednesday beginning at noon with “Time and Language among the Maya.” […]