SLA at the 2013 AAA

This year’s annual meetings in Chicago, from noon Wednesday November 20 through 2:00 PM Sunday November 24, will feature forty-two linguistic anthropology panels, including an SLA Presidential Conversation, and a poster session.

The “Future Publics, Current Engagements” theme organizes much of the panel offerings.

On Wednesday afternoon, 11/20, the noon to 1:45 slot contains one panel, “The Language of Membership: Discourses of Solidarity, Membership, and Respect.”  The 4:00-5:45 slot contains two panels: “Coping with Crisis: Discursive Strategies” and “Personal Names and Social Identities.”  The evening slot, from 8:00 to 9:45, offers three panels: “An Interdisciplinary Approach between the Microanalysis of Interaction and Ethnographic Research: How Can We Filter the Multimodal Data to Make Rigorous Analytic Claims?”; “Authenticity and Language: Performing Korean at Home and Abroad”; and “Languaging the Worker: Globalized Governmentalities in/of Language in Peripheral Spaces.”

On Thursday 11/21, the SLA Board meeting will be held 7:00-8:45 AM.  The morning sessions open with two panels in the 8:00-9:45 slot, “Future Chronotopes: Anxiety, Desire, and Ethnolinguistic Futures” and “Speaking of Language, a Linguistic Installation,” and one panel in the 8:00-11:45 slot: “Visuality in Multi-modal Communicative Ecologies: Theory and Method at the Intersection of Linguistic and Visual Anthropology.”  From 10:15 to noon is the round table “Professional Divides II: Journalists and Anthropologists in Continuing Conversation about Language, News Practice, and Social Impact.”  In the afternoon, the 1:45-3:30 slot contains “Dialect, Shift, and Ideologies” and the 1:45-5:30 slot includes two panels, “Pragmatics of Scale” and “Troubling and (Re)making the Masculine Voice of Publics:  Language Variation as a Semiotic Resource for Competing Masculinities.”  The 4:00-5:45 slot contains “Language Revitalization and the Future of Linguistic Identity.”  The AAA Committee for Human Rights Task Force on Language and Social Justice is scheduled for 7:30-9:00 PM.

On Friday 11/22, two panels occupy the 8:00-9:45 slot: “Desire and Identity (Inter)action: Language and Sexuality in Public Space” and “Double-takes: How Layered Acts of Reception Transform Text.”  One panel occupies the full morning (8:00-11:45AM) slot: “Engaging Language: Linguistic Anthropologists as Agents of Social Change.”  The 10:15-noon slot has three panels: “Affect, Assessment, and Categorization in Stories and Experiences with Food,” “Mobility, Mediatization, and Enregisterment,” and “Scaling Linguistic Diversity: Language Standardization as a Scale-making Project.”  From 12:15 to 1:30 is the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Presidential Conversation on “Language and Mobility: Rethinking the Populations, Practices, and Places of ‘Migration.’”  The 1:45-3:30 slot contains the panel, “Food Talk as Semiotic Substance: Steps Towards an Integrated Anthropology of Foodways and Discourse.”  The SLA Poster Session is also scheduled for 1:45-3:30.  The 1:45-5:30 slot contains two panels, “Future Indigenous Publics, Current Linguistic Anthropological Engagements” and “Strategies and Performances of Temporal Heteroglossia.”  The SLA Business Meeting is slotted for 7:30 to 9:300 followed by the (SLA) Reception/Cash Bar 9:00 to 11:00.

On Saturday 11/23, there is one full morning panel, 8:00-11:45: “Linguistic Friction: Movement, Contact and Change.”  The 8:00-9:45 slot has three panels: “Diverse Genders, Mobile Sexualities: Transcultural Articulations of Youth Identities,” “Reflection and Community Engagement in Sociolinguistic Research on Latino Diasporas,” and “Voicing Indigeneity and Engaging Publics in Print.”  The 10:15 to noon slot contains the “Heteroglossias and Heterogeneities: The Society for Linguistic Anthropology Graduate Student Paper Competition Roundtable” and “Narrating Corporations: Identity, Power, and Authority.”  The 1:45 to 5:30 slot contains two panels: “Language and the Immigrant Experience of Children and Youth” and “Mediating Private and (Counter)public Discourse: Genre, Addressivity, and the Semiotics of (Not) Belonging.”

On Sunday 11/24, there are two panels in the 8:00-9:45 slot: “Crossing Disciplines and its Challenges” and “Multilingualism and Multimodality in Interaction.”  There are seven panels in the 10:15-noon slot, “From the Mouths of Babes: Children, Youth and Linguistic Practice,” “Language Revitalization and the Value of Language,” “Narrating Identity: Who Are You?,” “Slogans and Their Publics: Circulations, Contestations, and Currents Engagements with Neoliberal Policies,” “The Semiotics of Nation Branding: Toward an Analysis of Post-Nationalism?,” “Voices as Multimodal Constructions,” and “Voices from the Past: Dialogues between the Ethnographic and the Historical.”  Two panels are scheduled for 12:15-2:00: “Discourses of Integration: Language, Skills, and the Politics of Difference” and “Language Projects and Prospective Publics.”