SLA at the 2013 AAA  (Bonnie Urciuoli, Hamilton College)

This year’s annual meetings in Chicago, from noon Wednesday November 20 through 2:00 PM Sunday November 24, will feature forty-two linguistic anthropology panels, including an SLA Presidential Conversation, and a poster session.  The “Future Publics, Current Engagements” theme organizes much of the panel offerings.

Click here to view the preliminary program.

On Wednesday afternoon, 11/20, the noon to 1:45 slot contains one panel, “The Language of Membership: Discourses of Solidarity, Membership, and Respect.”  The 4:00-5:45 slot contains two panels: “Coping with Crisis: Discursive Strategies” and “Personal Names and Social Identities.”  The evening slot, from 8:00 to 9:45, offers three panels: “An Interdisciplinary Approach between the Microanalysis of Interaction and Ethnographic Research: How Can We Filter the Multimodal Data to Make Rigorous Analytic Claims?”; “Authenticity and Language: Performing Korean at Home and Abroad”; and “Languaging the Worker: Globalized Governmentalities in/of Language in Peripheral Spaces.”


On Thursday 11/21, the SLA Board meeting will be held 7:00-8:45 AM.  The morning sessions open with two panels in the 8:00-9:45 slot, “Future Chronotopes: Anxiety, Desire, and Ethnolinguistic Futures” and “Speaking of Language, a Linguistic Installation,” and one panel in the 8:00-11:45 slot: “Visuality in Multi-modal Communicative Ecologies: Theory and Method at the Intersection of Linguistic and Visual Anthropology.”  From 10:15 to noon is the round table “Professional Divides II: Journalists and Anthropologists in Continuing Conversation about Language, News Practice, and Social Impact.”  In the afternoon, the 1:45-3:30 slot contains “Dialect, Shift, and Ideologies” and the 1:45-5:30 slot includes two panels, “Pragmatics of Scale” and “Troubling and (Re)making the Masculine Voice of Publics:  Language Variation as a Semiotic Resource for Competing Masculinities.”  The 4:00-5:45 slot contains “Language Revitalization and the Future of Linguistic Identity.”  The AAA Committee for Human Rights Task Force on Language and Social Justice is scheduled for 7:30-9:00 PM.


On Friday 11/22, two panels occupy the 8:00-9:45 slot: “Desire and Identity (Inter)action: Language and Sexuality in Public Space” and “Double-takes: How Layered Acts of Reception Transform Text.”  One panel occupies the full morning (8:00-11:45AM) slot: “Engaging Language: Linguistic Anthropologists as Agents of Social Change.”  The 10:15-noon slot has three panels: “Affect, Assessment, and Categorization in Stories and Experiences with Food,” “Mobility, Mediatization, and Enregisterment,” and “Scaling Linguistic Diversity: Language Standardization as a Scale-making Project.”  From 12:15 to 1:30 is the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Presidential Conversation on “Language and Mobility: Rethinking the Populations, Practices, and Places of ‘Migration.’”  The 1:45-3:30 slot contains the panel, “Food Talk as Semiotic Substance: Steps Towards an Integrated Anthropology of Foodways and Discourse.”  The SLA Poster Session is also scheduled for 1:45-3:30.  The 1:45-5:30 slot contains two panels, “Future Indigenous Publics, Current Linguistic Anthropological Engagements” and “Strategies and Performances of Temporal Heteroglossia.”  The SLA Business Meeting is slotted for 7:30 to 9:300 followed by the (SLA) Reception/Cash Bar 9:00 to 11:00.


On Saturday 11/23, there is one full morning panel, 8:00-11:45: “Linguistic Friction: Movement, Contact and Change.”  The 8:00-9:45 slot has three panels: “Diverse Genders, Mobile Sexualities: Transcultural Articulations of Youth Identities,” “Reflection and Community Engagement in Sociolinguistic Research on Latino Diasporas,” and “Voicing Indigeneity and Engaging Publics in Print.”  The 10:15 to noon slot contains the “Heteroglossias and Heterogeneities: The Society for Linguistic Anthropology Graduate Student Paper Competition Roundtable” and “Narrating Corporations: Identity, Power, and Authority.”  The 1:45 to 5:30 slot contains two panels: “Language and the Immigrant Experience of Children and Youth” and “Mediating Private and (Counter)public Discourse: Genre, Addressivity, and the Semiotics of (Not) Belonging.”


On Sunday 11/24, there are two panels in the 8:00-9:45 slot: “Crossing Disciplines and its Challenges” and “Multilingualism and Multimodality in Interaction.”  There are seven panels in the 10:15-noon slot, “From the Mouths of Babes: Children, Youth and Linguistic Practice,” “Language Revitalization and the Value of Language,” “Narrating Identity: Who Are You?,” “Slogans and Their Publics: Circulations, Contestations, and Currents Engagements with Neoliberal Policies,” “The Semiotics of Nation Branding: Toward an Analysis of Post-Nationalism?,” “Voices as Multimodal Constructions,” and “Voices from the Past: Dialogues between the Ethnographic and the Historical.”  Two panels are scheduled for 12:15-2:00: “Discourses of Integration: Language, Skills, and the Politics of Difference” and “Language Projects and Prospective Publics.”


Speaker details are available in the preliminary program on the AAA meetings website.  See you at the business meeting and the cash bar!


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