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  • Report from the Language and Social Justice Committee, December 5th, 2020, Webinar [PDF]
  • Rickford (2013) “Participating in Policy Debates About Language” [PDF]
  • Ohmann (1982) “Reflections on Class and Language” [PDF]
  • LSA (2015) “Linguistics and the News Media: An LSA Guide for Linguists” [PDF]


  • “Evaluating the Notion of a War on Whites,” Jonathan Rosa on The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, August 2014. [Video]


  • “Colleges And Universities Reconsider Symbols Tied To Racism And Slavery,” Alexandra Starr at, November 23, 2015. [News article]
  • “When Coca-Cola came to Totontepec,” Daniel Suslak at CaMP Anthropology, December 1, 2015. [Blog]