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The Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) is a section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). To join the SLA, please register via the AAA website. Membership entitles you to a complementary subscription to the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology.

To stay informed about linguistic anthropology happenings, you can join our most frequently used mailing listservs.

There are currently three e-mail lists related to linguistic anthropology:

  • AAA Communities is a forum for active posting from members of the American Anthropological Association, including the Society for Linguistic Anthropology.
  • LINGANTH is a mail list used by a range of linguistic anthropologists and people interested in issues of language and culture to ask questions, send out the latest news including call for papers and job announcements, and get to know people within the profession. Subscribe or unsubscribe. View the archives.
  • The Language & Social Justice listserv includes posts related to language and social justice and is run by SLA’s Language & Social Justice Committee. Please email your request to Katrina Daly Thompson at with the subject line: “Request to join LSJ listserv”