JLAAt the end of 2010, Paul Manning will have completed his very successful term as editor of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, most recently as co-editor with Miyako Inoue. The team has decided to step down at that time. We are now seeking nominations and applications for a new editor (or editorial team) for JLA.

If you are interested, or you would like to nominate someone who would be good for the position, please contact Kit Woolard president, Society for Linguistic Anthropology by January 25, 2010, by email at kwoolard@ucsd.edu. If you are applying for the position, please attach a CV and a statement describing your interest in the position; if you are nominating someone, please send contact information and a brief rationale supporting the nomination.

Below is a brief description of the JLA editor’s duties:

The JLA editor is appointed for a three-year term and oversees the publication of two issues of the journal each year.
The editor’s responsibilities include: facilitating peer review for article submissions, assigning books reviews (or designating a book review editor to do this), evaluating proposals for special issues, commissioning review articles on topics of current interest in the field, and working with Wiley-Blackwell (the publisher) on copyediting, proofreading and completing the production process.