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History traditionally was part of linguistic anthropology but in more recent years much of the focus of the field has been on close analysis of specific events rather than ideas of the past and historical patterns. This panel aims to bring many notions of history back into circulation within the field of linguistic anthropology and will explore the connections between language and history from multiple viewpoints. Papers already in the session include work on the ethnohistory of colonial Mexico and the history of linguistic anthropology.

Papers should focus on analyses of language and discourse within an (ethno)historical context and the invocation of historical concepts within specific ethnographic discourses.

Regional areas and/or historical time periods are open. Papers might include attention to contemporary anthropological approaches to historical linguistics, language and historically hegemonic discourses, language and archeology, the linguistic study of historical texts, or the historical lineage of ideas in linguistic anthropology itself. All should share an understanding of the power of the circulation of ideas of history and the past.

Please submit 200 word abstracts to Jacqui Messing (jmessing@cas.usf.edu) and Leila Monaghan (Leila.Monaghan@gmail.com) by March 15.