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  1. Peter C. Rollins
    Peter C. Rollins September 20, 2010 at 5:06 pm |

    Much of the discussion of Whorf would be enhanced by exposure to a new publication of hitherto unseen manuscripts by Whorf. They are on THE BENJAMIN LEE WHORF LEGACY CD-ROM and are described in detail under “media” at http://www.petercrollins.com.

    This CD-ROM contains a hitherto unpublished novel by Whorf plus papers related to his concern about the conflict of science and religion. In addition, there is a book by me which engages such issues as the differences between Edward Sapir and Whorf, an issue that was sparked by Guy Deutscher’s much-discussed New York Times piece.
    It is the thesis of my study that Whorf was in search of insight to recover faith in an era of science; he thought himself to be especially gifted for this pursuit because of his training as a chemical engineer and as an advocate of “the new physics” of his day. These issues worked their way into his linguistic studies of Native American languages.

    These items might clarify Whorf’s important contrast between the concept of TIME as understood by the Hopi and those of us who speak Standard Average European (SAE, as Whorf calls it). I am afraid that Prof. Deutscher is a bit off in his disdain for this argument–or at least Whorf would think so. This perception is essential to the weltanschauung which Whorf wished to valorize, esp. in his late essays.

    For more info, check my website.

    Peter C. Rollins

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