December 1, 2010 1 Comment Leila AAA, Announcements, Prizes, SLA

From Jillian Cavanaugh, Brooklyn College, Chair of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Student Essay Prize Committee

The 2010 SLA Graduate Student Essay prize went to: Nicholas Harkness (University of Chicago) for his paper “Vowel Harmony Redux: A Binary Structure of Attribution in Korean and Its Ideological Framings.”

The 2010 SLA Undergraduate Student Essay Prize went to: Jade Sewa De La Paz (Brooklyn College CUNY) for her paper ““OMG, Guess What?!”: The Indispensability of Gossip in Community Building.”

Both winners were given a spiffy framed certificate and $500, as well as $300 to cover travel costs to new Orleans to accept their awards.