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  1. gerald berke
    gerald berke November 1, 2012 at 1:59 pm |

    Boy, this is a confusing write up… not until the very end does Nilep attempt to come to some conclusion but even then it doesn’t address the provocative title: why preschool can’t save the world. She does all sorts of damage with a title, says something good about the Roadville kids, almost a non sequitur, then here in her own response, states a point she never came close to enunciating in her essay. And the title remains out there and totally wrong: preschool has a profound effect but (duh) only if you give it the kids that need it… which is just about every kid that doesn’t come from a perfect middle class (!) family. (I think someone was afraid to say “upper class” since that’s a slam dunk, eh Brownie?: upper class kids are quite likely to whop the crap out of lower class kids and be well ahead of the mere middle class…

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