April 16, 2015 No Comments Diego Arispe-Bazán (SLA Web Assistant) Language and Gender, Uncategorized

On behalf of William Leap (American University), Co-editor, Journal of Language and Sexuality: The Journal of Language and Sexuality (www.benjamins.com/#catalog/journals/jls) is now in its fifth year of publication. JL&S explores the discursive formations of sexuality, including (but not limited to) sexual desire, sexual identities, sexual politics, and sexuality in diaspora. JL&S addresses linguistic work in the widest possible sense, e.g. sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, phonology, pragmatics, semantics, discourse analysis, applied linguistics, and any other mode of language-centered inquiry interrogating discourses of sexuality and their linguistic and social consequences. On a theoretical level, JL&S is indebted to Queer Linguistics as its major influence. Issue 4.1 of JL&S will soon be in print. We