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A correspondent recently asked what employment opportunities are available for graduates from linguistic anthropology programs. My response might be of interest to other readers as well.

SLA is a section of the American Anthropological Association. AAA has resources for linguistic anthropologists or anthropology students looking to advance or begin a career in the field. You can learn about academic or professional positions, browse current job listings, or sign up for alerts.

The Linguistic Society of America also has some publicly available career and professional development resources, including information on graduate schools and jobs. LSA’s “Why Major in Linguistics?” advice also describes some of the types of employment available.

The American Association for Applied Linguistics has a career center, but its job listings are only available for AAAL members.

You might also be interested in Anna Marie Trester’s advice to Language and Communication students, shared on the SLA blog, about using the skills learned in sociolinguistics to position yourself for a job search.

On the other end of the scale, you might do well to remember Jason Antrosio’s advice about anthropology majors generally: they may be the worst college majors for finding a lucrative job right out of college, but the best for changing your life.

What advice would you add about considering, starting, or continuing a career in linguistic anthropology?