M.A. Program in Linguistic Anthropology, Northern Arizona University

January 24, 2013 No Comments Diego Arispe-Bazán (SLA Web Assistant) Guest post, Programs

M.A. PROGRAM IN LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY Flagstaff, Arizona The Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University offers one of the country’s best anthropology MA programs.Our MA program in linguistic anthropology provides students with opportunities for scholarly development and applied work grounded in strong theoretical and methodological foundations. Strengths of the program include an emphasis on professionalization and on developing skills in the use of technology and making presentations. For example, ANT 514 (Linguistic Anthropology Lab) provides experience in collecting audiovisual data, the use of technology in editing and transcribing those data, and a setting in which students regularly present

Syrian Jewish Mexicans and the Language of Everyday Orientalism

July 2, 2012 4 Comments Evelyn Dean-Olmsted Guest post , , , , ,

Ethnic distinctions are drawn among specific Jewish sub-communities in Mexico City. Ashkenazi, Sefaradi, and non-Jews tend to evaluate Syrian Jews negatively. This negative evaluation (implicit or explicit) constitutes a sort of “everyday language of Orientalism” parallel to Jane Hill’s everyday language of racism.