Call for Papers: Language Death, Endangerment, Documentation and Revitalization

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CALL FOR PAPERS: LANGUAGE DEATH, ENDANGERMENT, DOCUMENTATION AND REVITALIZATION 26th UWM Linguistics Symposium University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI, USA October 20-22, 2011 ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Fred Eckman, Elena Mihas, Edith Moravcsik, Sally Noonan, Hamid Ouali, Bernard Perley, Gabriel Rei-Doval, Bozena Tieszen, Kathleen Wheatley DESCRIPTION In a globalized world where hundreds of languages are expected to become extinct in the 21st century, it is highly relevant to analyze the viability and continuity of threatened languages. The purpose of this symposium is to discuss this impending loss to humankind from a multidisciplinary perspective. We invite contributions for the assessment of this process from

CFP AAA: Circulating Discourses of Past and Present: Linguistic Anthropology and History

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History traditionally was part of linguistic anthropology but in more recent years much of the focus of the field has been on close analysis of specific events rather than ideas of the past and historical patterns. This panel aims to bring many notions of history back into circulation within the field of linguistic anthropology and will explore the connections between language and history from multiple viewpoints. Papers already in the session include work on the ethnohistory of colonial Mexico and the history of linguistic anthropology. Papers should focus on analyses of language and discourse within an (ethno)historical context and the

Joint Call for Papers for Society for Linguistic Anthropology and Council on Anthropology and Education

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Charting Multilingual Confluences within Education Eric Johnson (ejj AT Building on the “Circulation” theme for the 2010 AAA meetings, the committee on Multicultural and Multilingual Education within the Council on Anthropology & Education would like to invite presentation proposals to be considered for participation on an “Invited” session panel. The general aim of this panel is to emphasize the multifaceted and dynamic nature of language within contexts surrounding education. The following questions represent potential avenues of inquiry for this session: 1. How do languages co-exist and circulate within a classroom, school, or district? 2. Are languages viewed in terms