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Language, Culture and History Conference

Call for Papers, Abstracts due March 1
Official Website:

Vedawoo Recreation Area
Language, Culture and History Conference
Department of Anthropology
Co-sponsored by the journal Ethnohistory
University of Wyoming
July 1-2, 2010

The first constitution of the Anthropological Society of Washington, the predecessor to the American Anthropological Association, called for the “study of the Natural History of Man [including] Archaeology, Somatology, Ethnology, and Philology.” The early field of anthropology was heavily influenced by philology and models of language evolution and historical change. At this conference on Language, Culture and History we would like to bring contemporary theories from all fields of anthropology and related fields to the “natural history of humans.” Specifically, we want to address questions about the complex interactions between language, history and culture.

Suggested themes for papers include but are not limited to:

• Ethnographic Views of Language Change
• Ethnohistorical Views of Language
• Language, History and Deaf Culture
• Culture, History and Native American Languages
• History of Language and Culture Theories in Anthropology
• Historical Sociolinguistics
• History of Literacy
• Children and Language Change
• Archaeological Approaches to Language and Culture

This informal and convivial conference will be held in the new Anthropology Building at the University of Wyoming in beautiful Laramie, Wyoming. Optional trips to local attractions including Veedawoo Recreation Area and Medicine Bow National Forest will also be also be available.

Previously published papers and works in progress welcome, as are papers from both established scholars and students. Typical format for papers will be 20 minutes for a paper with 5 minutes of discussion although other formats possible including data sessions where presenters share data for the participants to help analyze. Papers should be accessible to a general audience interested in language, culture and history issues. Student papers welcome.

Conference Organizer: Leila Monaghan, Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming, Leila.monaghan at, lmonagha at . Conference Committee: Alison Quaggin Harkin, Stacy Sewell, Joe Wheeler

Submitting an Abstract: Copy and fill out the below form

E-mail Address:
Mailing Address:

Desired Format: (Standard is 20 minute paper with 5 minutes for questions)

Title of Presentation:

200 word abstract:

Conference Fees (Specific payment information on receipt of abstract):

Early bird (by March 1) $50 for 2 days of conference, includes 2 lunches, 1 dinner
Medium bird (March 2-June 15) $55
Late bird (June 16-July 1): $60

____I wish to volunteer in lieu of conference fees

____Please send me information about staying at University of Wyoming Dorms when information is available

E-mail to Leila.Monaghan at with “Submitting Abstract” in title by March 1, 2010. E-mail Leila if you have questions or problems.

For information on travel and accommodations see official website:
or Facebook page:

Leila Monaghan, PhD
Department of Anthropology
University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming

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