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Introducing Lindsay Bell, Graduate Student Representative

Lindsay Bell is the SLA grad student representative to the AAA Student Representative Caucus for 2010. The Caucus was created by the AAA Executive Board in 2008. It is chaired by the student representative on the AAA Executive Board, and its members include the leadership of the National Association for Student Anthropologists and all current, outgoing, and incoming Section Student Representatives. The purpose of the caucus is to increase the level of communication among students and the governance in the association (Executive Board, Sections, etc.), to orient student leaders and assist in their professional development as future leaders of the association, to disseminate information and facilitate networking and to serve as an available body for the AAA, the EB, and sections to consult in regard to student outreach and other student focused initiatives.

Lindsay Bell is a PhD candidate in the department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Her research interrogates the social relations engendered by large scale natural resource extraction. Her current work focuses on labour migration and class inequalities in Canada’s diamond basin. She has conducted extensive field research in circumpolar North America on such topics as the political economy of language endangerment in Alaska and the political economic consequences of land claim settlements in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Trained as a sociolinguist, Bell’s work underscores a material dialectical approach to the study of language ideologies and economic change.