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JLA “Racializing Discourses”

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology special issue, “Racializing Discourses,” now available online!

Misty Jaffe and Paul Garrett are very pleased to announce the publication of the first-ever online issue of JLA. (Further information about JLA online issues is available here.)

Guest-edited and with an introduction by Hilary Dick and Kristina Wirtz, this special themed issue includes articles by Kristina Wirtz (“Cuban Performances of Blackness as the Timeless Past Still Among Us”); Hilary Dick (“Making Immigrants Illegal in Small-Town USA”); Stanton Wortham, Elaine Allard, Kathy Lee & Katherine Mortimer (“Racialization in Payday Mugging Narratives”); Ryan Blanton (“Chronotopic Landscapes of Environmental Racism”); and Valentina Pagliai (“Unmarked Racializing Discourse, Facework, and Identity in Talk about Immigrants in Italy”). Following the articles is a discussion essay by Bonnie Urciuoli (“Semiotic Properties of Racializing Discourses”).

The issue is accessible through the Wiley-Blackwell Online Library. In order to give this inaugural online issue the widest possible circulation, and in order to introduce readers to the new online format, it has been made available for free.

The issue will soon be accessible through AnthroSource as well (like all other JLA issues).

1 thought on “JLA “Racializing Discourses””

  1. This is a wonderful inauguration of a terrific expansion for JLA. I look forward to annual issues as timely and stimulating as this one. Congratulations to the editors, Misty and Paul, and the guest editors, Hilary and Kristina, on an exemplary start.
    Kit Woolard

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