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Yellow Peril Political Ads: Peter Hoekstra

Republican Peter Hoekstra, candidate for US Senate, made a campaign video/mock website with an Asian American doing some Mock Asian (“Your economy get very weak,ours get very good”) and other “Chinese” iconography.

click here for the website:

click here for the ad

An interview with Hoekstra and article about the ad can be found here:
HuffPost Politics, “Pete Hoekstra Ad Brings Charges Of Racial Insensitivity”


There has been a lot of response to these ads. See, for example, this collection on China Digital Times’ website.

From the San Diego Union -Tribune–feb 7, 2012, p.A2

“Senate ad sparks an angry response” is the title of 4 paragraphs from the  Associated Press, describing the Super Bowl ad and the “coalition of black ministers in Detroit [that] called for Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra to apologize.”

Ends with:

“The Rev. Charles Williams II of Detroit’s King Solomon Baptist church joined with several other Detroit pastors calling for Hoekstra topull the ad. ‘The asiam woman speaking in this video would be no different thatn him having a black person speaking in slave dialect,’ Williams said in a statement. Hoekstra has defended the ad, saying it has sparked conversation about federal spending.”

[UPDATE 1/23/2016: The web site and ad are no longer available, but the ad is excerpted in the commentary video below.] [youtube][/youtube]