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Calls for papers at LINGANTH

With abstracts for the 2012 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting coming due soon, various SLA members have sent out calls for papers. Subscribers to LINGANTH, the linguistic anthropology distributed email list, may have missed some of these calls, and non-subscribers may be missing out. Anyone interested can check out the LINGANTH archives hosted by LINGUIST List* (though you will need a free log-in to view the callers’ email addresses).

Recent calls include:

[UPDATE 21 March, two more calls] [UPDATE 24 March] [UPDATE 27 March] [UPDATE 3 April]

Also remember the main SLA call for submissions, AAA 2012 and the SLA call for application/registration waivers recently announced here.

And for CFP lagniappe:

Other calls for papers? You can send them to LINGANTH, and let us know by mail or through the comments below if you’d like them listed here.

*Speaking of LINGUIST List, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the annual quest for donations to support this free service, this year labeled “LingQuest”, is going on now.