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AAA and SLA election candidates

The May 2012 issue of Anthropology News lists the candidates (PDF here) for association-wide elected positions and for individual sections of the American Anthropological Association. This includes the Society for Linguistic Anthropology.

Association-wide candidates are also listed at the AAA blog, along with links to descriptions of positions and committees.

In case you missed it, here are the candidates for AAA and SLA positions, as listed in Anthropology News. For other sections, please refer to AN directly, or follow the link above to the PDF pages.



  • Alexandre Duchene
  • Shalini Shankar


  • Jonathan Rosa
  • Karl F Swinehart

AAA Association-wide elections

AAA Secretary

  • Rani Alexander
  • Margaret Buckner

AAA Executive Board

Cultural Seat
  • A Lynn Bolles
  • Bill Maurer
Student Seat
  • Ryan Harrod
  • Karen G Williams
Undesignated #1
  • Cheryl Mwaria
  • Peter Neal Peregrine
Undesignated #4
  • Kathleen Musante Dewalt
  • Rayna Rapp

Nominations Committee

Practicing/Professional Seat
  • Stephen Edward Nash
  • Sharon M Stratton
Minority Seat
  • Whitney Battle-Baptiste
  • Kimberly Eison Simmons

Committee on Ethics

Practicing/Professional Seat
  • Gregory J Borgstede
  • Neely Myers
Undesignated #1
  • Christine Hegel-Cantarella
  • Christopher T Nelson

Committee on the Gender Equity in Anthropology

Practicing/Professional Seat
  • Carole McDavid
  • Sarah Ono
Undesignated #5
  • Heather Levi
  • Marcia Ochoa

Committee for Human Rights

Undesignated #2
  • Robert Lewis Clark
  • Tricia Redeker-Hepner
Undesignated #3
  • Eva Friedlander
  • K Anne Pyburn

Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology

Undesignated #3
  • Elizabeth Chin
  • Jennifer D Heung
Undesignated #4
  • Flordeliz T Bugarin
  • Mayanthi L Fernando

Committee on Public Policy

Undesignated #7
  • Alexander A Bauer
  • Susan B Hyatt

Labor Relations Committee

Undesignated #1
  • Catherine Koehler
  • John R Roby
Undesignated #2
  • Brian McKenna
  • Christine J Walley