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Films to show in class

Here are some films that people on the linganth list have mentioned as good to show in class:

Mickey Mouse Monopoly (good with Lippi-Green):

Multilingual Hong Kong

The Linguists

Voices of North Carolina

Speaking in Tongues

Pidgin: The Voice of Hawaii

Our Spirits Don’t Speak English

Through Deaf Eyes (history of ASL, Deaf community in US)

Silent Children, New Language (Nicarguan Sign Language)

We Still Live Here (language revitalization)

Tailenders (missionaries, technology, translation)

Do You Speak American

[see Jaffe 2009, 2011 pieces on authenticity in this video:]

Documentary on Nancy Dorian and last speakers of East Sutherland Gaelic

Diverted to Delhi (2003)

[pairs well with Cameron’s piece on “Communication and Commodification: Global Economic Change in
Sociolinguistic Perspective” and for talking about globalization and language.]


Poto and Cabengo
My Crasy Life

And the classic ones:


American Tongues