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American Anthropological Association 2012 Annual Meeting

It’s that time of year again. A preliminary schedule for the American Anthropological Association’s 2012 Annual Meeting has been released, and I am compiling my annual listing of linguistic and language-related panels.

SLA will provide access to handouts for some presentations online here. Any presenter who wants to add her or his handout to the list may submit it from that page, or email it to the SLA web guru.

The usual caveats apply: The schedule is preliminary, and abstracts are not yet available. Check the AAA meeting page for more information as it becomes available. As ever, with so many events scheduled it is inevitable that two of your favorites will be held at the same time.

This year’s annual meeting will be held in San Francisco November 14-18 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square hotel. The meeting’s theme is “Borders and Crossings”.

There are more than fifty panel discussions on language-related issues (of more than 700 total sessions). The schedule below lists panel sessions, a poster session, and the SLA business meeting; it does not include the many “innovents” and workshops that also take place during the annual meeting.

If I have missed any relevant sessions, please do let me know. And as always, please let me know if I have misspelled your name or introduced other errors; leave a comment or email me (my last name “at”

Date & Time Title Participants
WED 12:00-13:45 LANGUAGE, MEDIA, AND THE MOBILIZATION OF MARGINALITY Lauren Ninoshvili, Anna M Stirr, Paja L Faudree, Kathryn Collins Hardy, Aaron Mulvany
WED 12:00-13:45 MEDIATING THE BORDERS OF GROUP IDENTITY Michael A Rodgers, M’Balia Thomas, Jonathan G Hill, Lyn W Fogle, Lisa Thorne, Madeline Schellgren, Maximilian S Viatori
WED 12:00-13:45 GENDER ACROSS MODALITIES Cala A Zubair, Ingrid Norrmann-Vigil, Esra-Gokce Sahin, Jeremy Kelley
WED 12:00-13:45 LANGUAGE PRACTICES AT SCHOOL AND WORK* Sara Ann Rutherford-Quach, Yi-Ju Lai, Erin Mackinney, Hyunjung Shin, Karen Velasquez
WED 12:00-13:45 CROSSING THE LINE: DISRUPTION AND DIALECTICS IN EVERYDAY EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS* Rachel R Reynolds, Marcia Elizabeth Farr, Erik A Aasland, Elias Dominguez Barajas, Inmaculada M Garcia Sanchez, Kathryn M Howard
WED 14:00-15:45 INDIGENOUS VOICES: LANGUAGE REVITALIZATION AND CULTURAL BELONGING IN NATIVE NORTH AMERICA Kristina M Jacobsen, Bernard C Perley, Candessa L Tehee, Sara L Snyder, Kristina M Jacobsen, Trevor Reed, Bernard C Perley
WED 14:00-15:45 “WHAT’S YOUR POINT?” THE POLITICAL-ECONOMY OF DISCOURSE TOPIC Matthew S Wolfgram, Mark A Sicoli, Michael Silverstein, Joel Kuipers, David Koester, Frederick D Erickson, Marissa Fond
WED 14:00-17:45 POLYPHONY IN POLITICS Elise A Kramer, Susan Gal, James Slotta, Kelda Jamison, Karl F. Swinehart, Chad Nilep, Falina Enriquez, Kathleen C Riley, Adi Grabiner Keinan, Abigail J Rosenthal, Adam Harr, Antonio Jose B da Silva
WED 16:00-17:45 THE THINGS THAT THEY CARRY: SIGNS, SIGNIFICANCE, AND SEMIOSIS ACROSS BORDERS Lauren R Zentz, Judith M.S. Pine, Chris Taylor, Rodrigo F. Renteria-Valencia, Colleen M Cotter, Anastasia Nylund
WED 18:00-19:45 WHY WE CAN’T ALL JUST GET ALONG: RACE, LANGUAGE, AND MEANING IN THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION† Carolyn Rouse, Johnetta Cole, H. Samy Alim, Rogers Smith
WED 20:00-21:45 BODIES CROSSING BOUNDARIES: NEGOTIATING MEANING THROUGH DISCOURSE, EMBODIMENT, AND MATERIALITY Chris VanderStouwe, Shawn Rachel Warner-Garcia, Charles Goodwin, Katelynn Bishop, Hannah Yates, Rachel Cranfill
WED 20:00-21:45 BEYOND BORDERS AND CROSSINGS: HYBRIDITY AND FLUIDITY IN PHYSICAL AND IDEOLOGICAL BOUNDARIES Maisa C. Taha, Sara Goico, Alicia Snyder-Frey, Chantal M Tetreault, Lori Labotka, Haleema Welji
WED 20:00-21:45 THE CIRCULATION OF POLITICS: TEXTUAL PRACTICE, CONNECTIVITIES AND CROSSINGS Jessica Greenberg, Alejandro Paz, Thomas Blom Hansen, Miyako Inoue, Matthew Hull, Francis P Cody, Susan Gal
WED 20:00-21:45 LANGUAGE, PLACE AND THE (DE)CONSTRUCTION OF BORDERS Shontael Marie Wanjema, Leslie C Moore, Elsie Rockwell, Marcia Elizabeth Farr, M. Sidury Christiansen
THR 8:00-9:45 CONSTRUCTING AND ERASING BORDERS: LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY AT CROSSROADS Meghan Farley Webb, Jane F Mitsch, Judith M.S. Pine, Juan R. Valdez, Michael Douglas Furman, Seth Schermerhorn
THR 8:00-9:45 INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES OF SCHOOL-COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: MULTILINGUAL AND MULTICULTURAL EXPERIENCES OF EDUCATION* Cristina L Ortiz, Linda Williamson Nelson, Jessica R Walton, Yin Paradies, Naomi Priest, Eleanor Wertheim, Elizabeth Freeman, Margot Trinder, Elizabeth Waters, Kate T Anderson, Porfirio M Loeza
THR 10:15-12:00 CREATIVITY ACROSS SEMIOTIC BORDERS Eitan Y Wilf, Keith M Murphy, Steven P Black, Bruce Mannheim, Laura M Ahearn, Alessandro Duranti, Rebecca Pardo
THR 10:15-12:00 MEDIATING BOUNDARIES, MEDIATING POSSIBILITIES: LANGUAGE AND TECHNOLOGIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF IDENTITY Rachel George, Jan David Hauck, Rachel Flamenbaum, Janet S McIntosh, Daniella DeLea, Lourdes de Leon
THR 10:15-12:00 ETHNOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS OF THE BORDERLANDS: BETWEEN AND AMONG AUTHENTICITIES‡ James M Wilce, Karl Aspelund, Charles Lindholm, Janina Fenigsen, Ignasi Clemente, Jan Blommaert, Piia Varis, Muhammad Nabil Zuberi
THR 12:15-13:30 USES OF HISTORY IN LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY PANEL DISCUSSION Leila Monaghan, Michael Silverstein, Harriet E Klein, Richard J Senghas
THR 13:45-15:30 HAPTIC TRAILS TO YOU: LANGUAGE AND TOUCH WITHIN THE INTERACTIVE SENSORIUM Marjorie H Goodwin, Christopher R Engelke, Eton Churchill, Charles Goodwin, Ast Cekaite, Jason Throop
THR 13:45-15:30 ANXIETY, INSECURITY, AND BORDER CROSSING: LANGUAGE CONTACT IN A GLOBALIZING WORLD Mie Hiramoto, Joseph Sung-Yul Park, Kira Hall, So Hee Bae, Gavin Furukawa, Yurni Irwati Said-Sirhan, Shuang Gao
THR 13:45-15:30 GLOBAL/IZING ENGLISHES: TALK AND TRANSLATION Jenna Kim, Michael Prentice, Atsuko Oyama, Amanda Terc, Elizabeth H Boner, Toshiaki Furukawa, Matthew T. Prior
THR 16:00-17:45 LANGUAGES OF DEMOCRACY: VOICE, REGISTER AND THE VERNACULARIZATION OF DEMOCRATIC DISCOURSE Elina I Hartikainen, Andrew P Graan, Aaron M Ansell, Asif Agha, Debra Spitulnik Vidali, Mark Allen Peterson
THR 16:00-17:45 RECONCEPTUALIZING ENDANGERED LANGUAGE “COMMUNITIES:” BOUNDARY-CROSSING AND -CREATION Netta R Avineri, Paul V Kroskrity, James Collins, Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein, Angela M. Nonaka, Jocelyn C. Ahlers, Barbra A Meek
THR 16:00-17:45 LAW, LANGUAGE, AND SUBJECTIVITY** Catherine Buerger, Robin H Conley, Anna Offit, John M Conley, Imran Khundkar
THR 19:30-21:00 SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY PRESIDENTIAL PANEL: FRONTIERS IN METHODOLOGY IN LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY Diane Riskedahl, Barbra A Meek, Susan U Philips, Marjorie H Goodwin, Brendan H. O’Connor, Deborah Tannen, Charles Goodwin
FRI 8:00-11:45 MEDIATED BOUNDARIES: LANGUAGE AND ETHNOGRAPHY IN THE INTERNET AGE Becky L Schulthies, Paja L Faudree, Norma Mendoza-Denton, Bambi B Schieffelin, Amy Johnson, Chaise LaDousa, Hyejin Nah, Graham M Jones, Laura C Brown, Jesse Weaver Shipley, Kathryn E Graber, Mary K Good, Alexander S Dent, Marcy Brink-Danan
FRI 8:00-11:45 GUMPERZ AT 90: THE ETHNOGRAPHY OF COMMUNICATION AND ITS LEGACY Marco Jacquemet, Monica Heller, Alessandro Duranti, Susan Gal, Kathryn A Woolard, Penelope Brown, Stephen C Levinson, Celso Alvarez-Caccamo, Jef Verschuren, John B Haviland, James Collins, Celia Roberts, Deborah Tannen, John J Gumperz
FRI 8:00-11:45 HEALING DISCOURSE IN THE CULTURAL BORDERLANDS OF ILLNESS Jennifer R Guzman, Anna I. Corwin, Thomas J Csordas, James M Wilce, Gabriella Modan, Seuli Bose-Brill, Xochitl Marsilli, Hillary K Crane, Margaret Bender, Na’amah o Razon, Chelsea Shields Strayer, M Cameron Hay, Gail F Adams, Timothy W Knowlton, Johanne Eliacin, Nofit Itzhak
FRI 10:00-11:30 SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY BOARD MEETING Norma Mendoza-Denton, Angela Reyes, Paul V Kroskrity, Jillian R Cavanaugh, Paul B Garrett, Jonathan D Rosa, Paja L Faudree
FRI 13:45-15:30 LANGUAGE COMMODIFICATION AND CIRCULATION IN GLOBAL CAPITALISM Jillian R Cavanaugh, Shalini Shankar, Monica Heller, Laura Miller, Crispin Thurlow, Adam Jaworski, Robert Moore, Alexandre Duchene
FRI 13:45-15:30 TRANSRACIALIZATION: RETHINKING LANGUAGE AND RACE IN LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY Angela Reyes, H. Samy Alim, Alastair Pennycook, Elaine W Chun, Mary Bucholtz, Jennifer Roth-Gordon
FRI 13:45-15:30 BILINGUAL CHILDREN, MULTIPLE LITERACIES: CHILDREN’S LITERACY PRACTICES ACROSS SETTINGS IN THE LIFEWORLD Amy Kyratzis, Inmaculada M Garcia Sanchez, Oscar Flores, Ann-Carita Evaldsson, Lucero Flores, Lourdes de Leon, Nicole Nathan
FRI 13:45-15:30 LANGUAGE AND PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY♦ Anna Marie Trester, Charlotte Linde, Carolyn Reed, Kathryn Ticknor, Gregory A. Bennett, Laura West, Cynthia Gordon, Melissa Luke, Kenneth N Ehrensal
FRI 13:45-17:30 INDIGENEITY WITHOUT BORDERS: MEDIATING LANGAUGE AND INDIGENOUS DIASPORAS IN THE AMERICAS Jenny L Davis, Leighton C Peterson, Mark Turin, Daniel F Suslak, Mindy J Morgan, Welsey Y Leonard, Meredith Moss, Anthony K Webster, Qwo-Li Driskill, Anastasiya Travina, Erin K Debenport, Michael Silverstein, Amber A Neely
FRI 13:45-17:30 THE LIMITS OF LANGUAGE E. Mara Green, Terra Edwards, Peter Graif, Thomas G Porcello, N J Enfield, Shaylih R Muehlmann, Mareike Winchell, Bruno Reinhardt, Michele Friedner, Brendan G Hart, William Hanks, Katharine Galloway Young, Thomas G Porcello
FRI 13:45-17:30 INSTITUTING BOUNDARIES: SCHOOLS, LANGUAGE IDEOLOGIES, AND YOUTH CULTURE Debra A Friedman, Barbara LeMaster, Ekaterina Moore, Fangzhe Qiu, Lijing Peng, Corinne A. Seals, Aurora Donzelli, Pamela Pearson, Yi-An Chen, Sarah S Meacham, Keisha I Wiel
FRI 16:00-17:45 MORE THAN WORDS: AT THE BOUNDARIES OF LANGUAGE Alan Rumsey, Chad L Thompson, Aimee Hosemann, Erich Fox Tree, Elizabeth Coville, Jonas Ivarsson, Christine E Schreyer
SAT 8:00-9:45 NEW VOICES IN LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY: SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY’S GRADUATE STUDENT ESSAY CONTEST Jillian R Cavanaugh, Niko Besnier, Jennifer R Guzman, Lauren R Zentz, Charles H. P. Zuckerman, Dario Valles and Susan U Philips
SAT 8:00-9:45 VOICES IN MOVEMENT: PHONETIC BORDER CROSSINGS Lal Zimman, Penelope D Eckert, Anna M. Babel, Kevin B. McGowan, Chris Corcoran, Katherine Rose Geenberg, Bethany A Townsend, Vica Papp, Robert J Podesva
SAT 8:00-11:45 HETEROGLOSSIA, PERFORMANCE, POWER AND PARTICIPATION Michele E Koven, Cecile B Vigouroux, Sabina M Perrino, Cecile Canut, Jane H Hill, William O. Beeman, Susan Seizer, Adrienne Lo, Emanuel A. da Silva, Peter C Haney, Alioune Sow, Alexandra M Jaffe, Nathaniel W Dumas III, Pierre Schmitt
SAT 13:45-15:30 WOMEN’S WORDS AND ACTIONS ON FRONTIERS Leila Monaghan, Carol Hendrickson, E Moore Quinn, Sarah Hillewaert, Stephanie Feyne, Camelia Suleiman
SAT 13:45-17:30 SPEAKING ACROSS BORDERS: LANGUAGE, MOBILITY AND COMMUNITY Elizabeth A Falconi, E Moore Quinn, Norma Mendoza-Denton, Adrienne Lo, Jing Lei, Lynnette Arnold, Erika G Hoffmann-Dilloway, Shane B McClain, Chantal M Tetreault, Chantal Melanie White, Hilary P Dick, Jennifer F Reynolds, Elizabeth A Falconi, Ariana Mangual Figueroa
SAT 16:00-17:45 SHARED LANDSCAPES M. Eleanor Nevins, Christopher Ball, Rupert Stasch, Mette M High, Magnus Course, Thomas Nevins, Paul Manning, Joost Fontein
SAT 19:00-22:00 SLA Business Meeting, followed by SLA Reception/Cash Bar
SUN 8:00-9:45 NEGOTIATING AND SHIFTING LANGUAGE IDEOLOGIES OF MONOLINGUAL JAPAN Ayumi Miyazaki, Patrick Heinrich, Mahua Bhattacharya, Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Kazuo Fudano, Rika Yamashita, Noriko Akimoto Sugimori
SUN 10:15-14:00 NEW SPEAKERS: THE SOCIOLINGUISTICS OF BOUNDARY CROSSING Joan Pujolar, Bernadette O’Rourke, Alexandre Duchene, Kathryn A Woolard, Aida Ribot Bencomo, Maite Puigdevall i Serralvo, Joan A. Argenter, Enrico Chessa, Tadhg Ó hIfearnáin, Sari Pietikainen, Luisa Martin Rojo, Miguel Pérez-Milans, Patricia Lamarre, Monica Heller, Alfonso Del Percio
SUN 10:15-12:00 YOUTH AS LINGUISTIC AND CULTURAL EXPERTS: BLURRING, TRANSGRESSING, AND ERASING THE EXPERT/NOVICE BOUNDARY* Mary Bucholtz, Elena Skapouli, Marjorie Faulstich Orellana, Juan Sebastian Ferrada, Raquel Wigginton, Melinda Sanchez, Mayra Alvarado, Lynnette Arnold, Allina M Mojarro, Meghan Nicole Corella Morales, Jin Sook Lee, Eva Michelle Wheeler, Audrey Noelle Lobez
SUN 12:15-14:00 SPEAKING SOUTHERN AMERICAN ENGLISH: LOCALITY, MULTIPLICITY, AND TEMPORALITY Julia McKinney, Sara Lide, Christine L Mallinson, Catherine Evans Davies, Katie Carmichael, Nathalie G Dajko, Stephen L Mann
SUN 12:15-14:00 MEDICAL DECISION-MAKING AT THE INTERSECTION OF DISCOURSE AND TEMPORALITY Christopher J. Koenig, Shuya Kushida, Michie Kawashima, Satomi Kuroshima, Leah Wingard, Christina Sabee, David Olsher, Ilona Vandergriff
SUN 12:15-14:00 KEEPIN’ IT REAL: EXPLORING DISCURSIVE REPRESENTATIONS OF AUTHENTICITY Jacquelyn L Skiffington, Christine Kirby, Timothy J Smith, Martina Volfova, Alex Hatcher, David T Valpey
SUN 12:15-14:00 LANGUAGE AND IDENTITY: INHERITANCE, MAINTENANCE, SHIFT Magnus Pharao Hansen, Richard Henne-Ochoa, Jenanne Kirsten Ferguson, Darlene Devine Villicana
SUN 12:15-14:00 LATINO PUBLIC POLITICS: NEGOTIATING BELONGING THROUGH LANGUAGE, IDENTITY, ADVOCACY, AND LEARNING†† Alyssa D Garcia, Hilary P Dick, Héctor Beltrán, Almita Abigayl Miranda, Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales, Elizabeth Perez-LoPresti, Ramón Solórzano Jr.

* Reviewed by Council on Anthropology and Education
† Reviewed by American Anthropological Association
‡ Reviewed by Society for Psychological Anthropology
** Reviewed by Association for Political and Legal Anthropology
†† Reviewed by Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists
◊ Reviewed by Anthropology and Environment Section
♦ Reviewed by Society for the Anthropology of Work


All other panels reviewed by Society for Linguistic Anthropology

[This announcement was originally posted 9 September 2012 at 19:34. It was edited on 10 October 2012 at 18:02 for minor format changes.]