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Top 100 AAA Journal Articles ungated for summer

From the American Anthropological Association blog we learn that the Top 100 AAA Articles of 2012, the articles most downloaded from Anthrosource during that year, will be ungated for the summer. Anyone interested can read the articles on the Wiley Online Library during this period.

The Top 100 list includes a number of terrific articles related to linguistic anthropology.

  • Voegelin, C. F. and Harris, Z. S. (1947), The Scope of Linguistics. American Anthropologist, 49: 588–600.
  • Bernstein, B. (1964), Elaborated and Restricted Codes: Their Social Origins and Some Consequences. American Anthropologist, 66: 55–69.
  • Saad, R. (2012), The Egyptian revolution: A triumph of poetry. American Ethnologist, 39: 63–66.
  • Ferguson, C. A. (1964), Baby Talk in Six Languages. American Anthropologist, 66: 103–114.
  • McLean, S. (2009), STORIES AND COSMOGONIES: Imagining Creativity Beyond “Nature” and “Culture”. Cultural Anthropology, 24: 213–245.
  • Tsing, A. (2000), The Global Situation. Cultural Anthropology, 15: 327–360.
  • Coleman, G. (2009), CODE IS SPEECH: Legal Tinkering, Expertise, and Protest among Free and Open Source Software Developers. Cultural Anthropology, 24: 420–454
  • Sosis, R. and Handwerker, W. P. (2011), Psalms and Coping with Uncertainty: Religious Israeli Women’s Responses to the 2006 Lebanon War. American Anthropologist, 113: 40–55.

Our own Journal of Linguistic Anthropology also features in the list with Martha Sif Karrebæk’s “‘What’s in Your Lunch Box Today?’: Health, Respectability, and Ethnicity in the Primary Classroom” (2012). Readers of this blog may remember Sif Karrebæk’s guest post last fall.

Check out the entire list via the AAA blog.