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2013 SLA Student Essay Competitions Results

Society for Linguistic Anthropology 2013 Graduate Student Essay Competition

2 Winners:

Elise Kramer (University of Chicago)
”Speaking for the Voiceless: Metaphors of Power and Agency in Political Discourse”

Katherine Geenberg (Stanford)
”Fractal Marginalization and Linguistic Style in Hill Country: How the Nor-Rel-Muk Indians mix local Englishes to construct authenticity”

3 runners-up:

Jonghyun Park (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
”Korean Rap and Rhyme: Local Enregisterment of a Foreign Genre”

Ferguson, Jenanne (University of Aberdeen)
”Code-mixing among Sakha-Russian bilinguals in Yakutsk: a spectrum of features and shifting indexical fields”

Sabrina Gavigan (American University)
“Meet the [Neoliberal] Faces of Mexico”

All 5 will present their work at the upcoming AAA meetings in Chicago in November, as part of an event organized by the SLA: ”Heteroglossias and Heterogeneities: The Society for Linguistic Anthropology Graduate Student Paper Competition Roundtable.” It will take place 10:15 AM-12:00 PM on Saturday, Nov. 23, and Michael Silverstein and Kira Hall will act as discussants. Please join us to show your support!

Society for Linguistic Anthropology 2013 Undergraduate Student Essay Competition

2 Winners:

Alice Yeh (University of California, Berkeley)
“Retrospective Re-creation: Latin sine fine and the Afterlife of a Classic”

Sarah Carson (Wayne State University)
“Black Nerds in the Media: A Linguistic Analysis”

2 Honorable Mentions:

Joshua Babcock (University of Chicago)
“Mediating Technologies: Language Ideology, Social Differentiation, and Communicative Affordances in the Making of Fractal Publics in an Online Debate of Gender Nonconformity”

Shifra Sered (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
“Promoting, Prohibiting, and Playing with Taboo Language: The Sociolinguistic Construction of Sexual Slurs on a College Campus”

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