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American Anthropological Association 2013 Annual Meeting

Once again this year I present a list of language-related panels and activities at the American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meeting. The first draft of the list contains panels sponsored by the Society for Linguistic Anthropology. Please let us know about other relevant panels, either by commenting on this blog post or by sending an email to me (my last name “at”

AAA’s Annual Meeting Central page has the full preliminary schedule, as well as abstracts, a scheduler, and much more.

Bonnie Urciuoli also describes the SLA events in her Anthropology News column this month.

We will again this year provide on-line access to many of the handouts accompanying the talks. Presenters, please email handouts in PDF format to slawebguru “at” if you have not done so and you would like to add your handout to the page.

The SLA Program Committee has endeavored to put together an excellent set of panels, and the professional staff of the AAA Annual Meeting have worked to arrange the schedule. As always, though, many interesting panels are at conflicting or otherwise inconvenient times.

And as always, please let me know if I have misspelled your name, left out a participant, or introduced any other errors.

Date & Time Title Participants
WED 12:00-13:45 THE LANGUAGE OF MEMBERSHIP: DISCOURSES OF SOLIDARITY, MEMBERSHIP, AND RESPECT Juan Luis Rodriguez, Grace Reynolds, Arthun Zinn-Poget, Olga Ivanova, Bhawani Buswala, Liva HyttelSorensen, Diego Arispe-Bazan
WED 16:00-17:45 COPING WITH CRISIS: DISCURSIVE STRATEGIES Ingrid Norrmann-Vigil, Adrienne Isaac, Catherine Evan Davies, Brian A Watkins, Peter Ignatius De Costa, Angela Haeusler
WED 16:00-17:45 PERSONAL NAMES AND SOCIAL IDENTITIES Adam A Solomonian, Nikolas Sweet, Noriko Watanabe, Eric S Henry, Jessica A Taylor, Karen E Pennesi
WED 20:00-21:45 LANGUAGING THE WORKER: GLOBALIZED GOVERNMENTALITIES IN/OF LANGUAGE IN PERIPHERAL SPACES. Kati Kauppinen, Elisabeth Barakos, Mireille McLaughlin, Kyoko Motobayashi, Bonnie Urciuoli
WED 20:00-21:45 AUTHENTICITY AND LANGUAGE: PERFORMING KOREAN AT HOME AND ABROAD Lee Jin Choi, Hakyoon Lee, Bong-gi Sohn, Ryan Deschambault, Adrienne Shiu-Ming Lo, Joseph Sung-Yul Park
THR 8:00-9:45 FUTURE CHRONOTOPES: ANXIETY, DESIRE, AND ETHNOLINGUISTIC FUTURES Anna De Fina, Sabina M Perrino, Nicholas H Harkness, Alejandro Ivan Paz, Angela Reyes, Jonathan D Rosa, Asif Agha
THR 8:00-11:45 VISUALITY IN MULTI-MODAL COMMUNICATIVE ECOLOGIES: THEORY AND METHOD AT THE INTERSECTION OF LINGUISTIC AND VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY Lindsay A Bell, Jesse C Jackson, Tori Foster, Nishaant Choksi, Chaise LaDousa, Sarah Meacham, Judith M. S. Pine, Susan A Phillips, Zeynep D Gursel, Anne Elaine Pfister, Cecilia Vindrola Padros, Ginger A Johnson, Steven P Black, Mark A Sicoli, Marjorie H Goodwin, Keith M Murphy, Erika G Hoffmann-Dilloway, Michael P Lempert
THR 10:15-12:00 PROFESSIONAL DIVIDES II: JOURNALISTS AND ANTHROPOLOGISTS IN CONTINUING CONVERSATION ABOUT LANGUAGE, NEWS PRACTICE, AND SOCIAL IMPACT Colleen M Cotter, Samuel Z. Spies, Mercedes C Douglass, Esther Schely-Newman, E Moore Quinn, Bonnie Urciuoli, Mark Allen Peterson
THR 13:45-15:30 DIALECT, SHIFT, AND IDEOLOGIES James Slotta, Heinrich Patrick, Magnus Pharao Hansen, Kerby Bennett, Alexander Malcolm Thomson, Edwin Keely Everhart, Christopher Loether
THR 13:45-17:30 TROUBLING AND (RE)MAKING THE MASCULINE VOICE OF PUBLICS: LANGUAGE VARIATION AS A SEMIOTIC RESOURCE FOR COMPETING MASCULINITIES Lal Zimman, Elijah A Edelman, Audrey Noelle Lopez, Nathaniel W Dumas III, Leila Monaghan, Sara Lide, Qiuana L Lopez, Asif Agha, William L Leap, Youngae Lee, Rebecca Pardo, Robert George Lawson, Benjamin Smith, Scott F Kiesling
THR 13:45-17:30 PRAGMATICS OF SCALE Susan U Philips, Justin B Richland, Richard Bauman, Hilary Parsons Dick, Constantine V Nakassis, Michael Silverstein, Summerson Carr, Judith Temkin Irvine, Susan Gal, Bruce Mannheim, Margarita Huayhua, Barbra A Meek, John A Lucy, Michael P Lempert
THR 16:00-17:45 LANGUAGE REVITALIZATION AND THE FUTURE OF LINGUISTIC IDENTITY Rusty Barrett, Sarah Shulist, Jonathan R Giles, Miranda Weinberg, Haley De Korne, Jenny L Davis, Jocelyn C. Ahlers
FRI 8:00-9:45 DOUBLE-TAKES: HOW LAYERED ACTS OF RECEPTION TRANSFORM TEXT Laura C Brown, Katherine B Martineau, Eve Danziger, Matthew David Rich, Christina Parks Davis, Chaise LaDousa
FRI 8:00-9:45 DESIRE AND IDENTITY (INTER)ACTION: LANGUAGE AND SEXUALITY IN PUBLIC SPACE Katherine Chen, M. Agnes Kang, Susan Ehrlich, Mie Hiramoto, Veronika Koller, Lisa Thorne, Chris VanderStouwe, William L Leap
FRI 8:00-11:45 ENGAGING LANGUAGE: LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGISTS AS AGENTS OF SOCIAL CHANGE Ana C Zentella, Juan Sebastian Ferrada, Mary Bucholtz, Audrey C Cooper, Wesley Y Leonard, Jacqueline Urla, Olatz Altuna, Keith Walters, Lynnette Arnold, Audrey Noelle Lopez, Verónica Muñoz Ledo Yáñez, Yexenia Vanegas, Kathleen C Riley, Gabrielle Williams, Jackson Kuang, Brooke Vermillion, Seth Cipriano, Joon-Beom Chu, Netta R Avineri, Robin H Conley, Alexandra M Jaffe, Laura R Graham
FRI 10:15-12:00 MOBILITY, MEDIATIZATION, AND ENREGISTERMENT Adrienne Shiu-Ming Lo, Cecile B Vigouroux, James Collins, Joseph Sung-Yul Park, Elaine W Chun, Jan Blommaert, Michele E Koven
FRI 10:15-12:00 SCALING LINGUISTIC DIVERSITY: LANGUAGE STANDARDIZATION AS A SCALE-MAKING PROJECT Sonia N Das, Elizabeth A Spreng, Janina Fenigsen, Elizabeth A Falconi, P. Kerim Friedman, Judith Temkin Irvine
FRI 10:15-12:00 AFFECT, ASSESSMENT, AND CATEGORIZATION IN STORIES AND EXPERIENCES WITH FOOD Jon Coltz, Mamadou Bassene, Polly Szatrowski, Chisato Koike
FRI 12:15-13:30 SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY PRESIDENTIAL CONVERSATION ON LANGUAGE AND MOBILITY: RETHINKING THE POPULATIONS, PRACTICES, AND PLACES OF “MIGRATION” Hilary Parsons Dick, Adrienne Shiu-Ming Lo, Jonathan D Rosa, Alejandro Ivan Paz, Rosina Marquez Reiter, Monica Heller, Bonnie McElhinny, Shalini Shankar, Jan Blommaert, Susan Gal
FRI 13:45-15:30 FOOD TALK AS SEMIOTIC SUBSTANCE: STEPS TOWARDS AN INTEGRATED ANTHROPOLOGY of FOODWAYS AND DISCOURSE Kathleen C Riley, Alexandra M Jaffe, Martha Sif Karrebaek, Anne T Meneley, Amy L Paugh, Jillian R Cavanaugh, Christine Jourdan
FRI 13:45-15:30 SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY POSTER SESSION Saadet Türkmen, Nicole Celeste Umayam, Rebecca Campbell
FRI 13:45-17:30 FUTURE INDIGENOUS PUBLICS, CURRENT LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGICAL ENGAGEMENTS Lise Dobrin, Saul Schwartz, Gus Palmer, Erin K Debenport, Paul V Kroskrity, Jocelyn C. Ahlers, Barbra A Meek, Leighton C Peterson, Margaret C Field, Bernard C Perley, M. Eleanor Nevins, Kenneth Holbrook, Anthony K Webster, Justin B Richland
FRI 13:45-17:30 STRATEGIES AND PERFORMANCES OF TEMPORAL HETEROGLOSSIA Andrea L Smith, Anna Eisenstein, J Kathe Managan, Julia McKinney, Adam Harr, A Ashley Stinnett, Evelyn M Dean-Olmsted, Jacqueline Messing, Camilla Vasquez, Marco Jacquemet, Aurora Donzelli, Sarah Hillewaert, Patricia G. Lange
SAT 8:00-9:45 VOICING INDIGENEITY AND ENGAGING PUBLICS IN PRINT Laura R Graham, Maximilian S Viatori, Christina Leza, Mindy J Morgan, Grant Paul Arndt, Margaret Bender, Jean E Jackson
SAT 8:00-9:45 DIVERSE GENDERS, MOBILE SEXUALITIES: TRANSCULTURAL ARTICULATIONS OF YOUTH IDENTITIES Rodney H Jones, Margaret Berg, Cala Zubair, Lyn W Fogle, Kendall King, Martha Bigelow, Elaine W Chun
SAT 8:00-9:45 REFLECTION AND COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IN SOCIOLINGUISTIC RESEARCH ON LATINO DIASPORAS Rosina Marquez Reiter, Adriana Patiño, Holly R Cashman, Kim Potowski, Clare Mar-Molinero, Anna De Fina
SAT 8:00-11:45 LINGUISTIC FRICTION: MOVEMENT, CONTACT AND CHANGE Isil Erduyan, Aleksandra Kasztalska, Teruko Vida Mitsuhara, Bal Krishna Sharma, Marcia Elizabeth Farr, M. Sidury Christiansen, Robin A Shoaps, Alison Mackey, Esther Schely-Newman, Johanna Woydack, Kelvin Lui, Piia Varis, Emanuel A. da Silva
SAT 10:15-12:00 NARRATING CORPORATIONS: IDENTITY, POWER, AND AUTHORITY Gregory Kohler, Stanton E F Wortham, Alexandra Michel, Anna Marie Trester, Sabina M Perrino, Greg Urban, Kyung-Nan Koh, Michele E Koven
SAT 10:15-12:00 HETEROGLOSSIAS AND HETEROGENEITIES: THE SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY GRADUATE STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION ROUNDTABLE Elise A Kramer, Katherine Rose Geenberg, Jonghyun Park, Jenanne Kirsten Ferguson, Sabrina Gavigan, Kira Hall, Michael Silverstein, Jillian R Cavanaugh
SAT 13:45-17:30 LANGUAGE AND THE IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH Marcelo M Suarez-Orozco, Leslie C Moore, Katie Clonan-Roy, Catherine R Rhodes, Stanton E F Wortham, Martha Sif Karrebaek, Amy Kyratzis, Patricia Baquedano-Lopez, Lori Donath, Jennifer F Reynolds, Dave Paulson, Chantal M Tetreault, Maisa C. Taha, Inmaculada M Garcia Sanchez, Shalini Shankar, Ariana Mangual Figueroa
SAT 13:45-17:30 MEDIATING PRIVATE AND (COUNTER)PUBLIC DISCOURSE: GENRE, ADDRESSIVITY, AND THE SEMIOTICS OF (NOT) BELONGING Debra Spitulnik Vidali, Chris Taylor, Chaim Noy, Xochitl Marsilli-Vargas, Ruth Harman, Lisa Hope Schwartz, Andrew P Graan, Eric J Johnson, Lauren R Zentz, Alexandra M Jaffe, Bernard Bate, Deborah L Cole, Zane M Goebel, Susan Gal
SUN 8:00-9:45 CROSSING DISCIPLINES AND ITS CHALLENGES Mélanie LeBlanc, Annette Boudreau, Patricia Lamarre, Chantal Melanie White, Helene Blondeau, Isabelle LeBlanc, Hubert Noel, Alexandre Duchene
SUN 8:00-9:45 MULTILINGUALISM AND MULTIMODALITY IN INTERACTION E. Mara Green, Corinne A. Seals, Lydia Rodriguez, Melanie McComsey, Gene Mirus, John B Haviland, Charles Goodwin
SUN 10:15-12:00 SLOGANS AND THEIR PUBLICS: CIRCULATIONS, CONTESTATIONS, AND CURRENTS ENGAGEMENTS WITH NEOLIBERAL POLICIES Douglas R Holmes, Jaro Stacul, Nicolette M Makovicky, Peter Bille Larsen, Sophie Corbille, Sheyla Zandonai, Anne-Christine Trémon, Winnie Lem
SUN 10:15-12:00 THE SEMIOTICS OF NATION BRANDING: TOWARD AN ANALYSIS OF POST-NATIONALISM? Alfonso Del Percio, Francesco Screti, Beatriz Lorente, Robert Moore, Andrew P Graan, Owen Nathaniel Kohl, Constantine V Nakassis
SUN 10:15-12:00 VOICES AS MULTIMODAL CONSTRUCTIONS Lori Labotka, Aslihan Akkaya, Anthony K Webster, Matthew J Van Hoose, Janie Lee, Mark A Sicoli
SUN 10:15-12:00 LANGUAGE REVITALIZATION AND THE VALUE OF LANGUAGE Stephanie Hasselbacher, Ivan Roksandic, Stuart Dunmore, Rebecca J Wood, Elizabeth Ann Kickham, Juliet Liane Morgan, Joshua D Hinson, Jurgita Antoine
SUN 10:15-12:00 FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES: CHILDREN, YOUTH AND LINGUISTIC PRACTICE Camilla Rindstedt, Karin Aronsson, Elizabeth J Brummel, Hristo Kyuchukov, William S. New, Hana Vackova, Melissa M Engman, Jenna Cushing-Leubner, Jennifer T Johnson
SUN 10:15-12:00 VOICES FROM THE PAST: DIALOGUES BETWEEN THE ETHNOGRAPHIC AND THE HISTORICAL Yuki Tanaka, Yuichi Asai, Mutsumi Sebata, Zachary Nicholas Hebert, Patricia Anderson, Yukun Zeng
SUN 10:15-12:00 NARRATING IDENTITY: WHO ARE YOU? Kristen M Lindblom, Waud Kracke, Atsuko Oyama, Jesse O Harasta, Yoshiyuki Asahi, Ila Nagar, Christine Kirby
SUN 12:15-14:00 LANGUAGE PROJECTS AND PROSPECTIVE PUBLICS Thea R Strand, Kathryn A Remlinger, Mary K Good, Christa Burdick, Michael Wroblewski
SUN 12:15-14:00 DISCOURSES OF INTEGRATION: LANGUAGE, SKILLS, AND THE POLITICS OF DIFFERENCE Mi-Cha Flubacher, Marietta L Baba, Carla Dahl-Jorgensen, Kori L Allan, Shirley Yeung, Bonnie McElhinny