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Call for Nominations: SLA Award for Public Outreach and Community Service

SLA Award for Public Outreach and Community Service –Call for Nominations

The Selection Committee is pleased to be able to call for nominations for the SLA award for Public Outreach and Community Service. 

The submission deadline is November 6, 2015.

Created and awarded for the first time by the SLA in 2014, this award honors an SLA member or members for work that effectively impacts public awareness of social issues involving language and communication and/or represents a significant service to a particular community outside of the academy. Applicants may self-nominate or consent to the nomination of others.

Works in any medium are eligible, including but not limited to books, reports, exhibits, pedagogical materials/curricula, documentary films, newspaper or magazine articles, blogs, digitized or broadcast media, and lectures. To be considered, individuals must have published, presented, or aired some representative work during the five years immediately preceding the submission deadline.

Each nomination should contain four components:

1  The candidate’s concise description of the goals and purpose of the work (in no more than 250 words).

2  A copy or statement of the work for which the nominee is being considered for this SLA Award.

3  Relevant supporting materials as evidence of increased public awareness or performance of community service. Forms of evidence may include newspaper articles, public notices, online publishing and dissemination, letters of commendation, program development, and so forth.

4 Two letters of support; one from an academic colleague and one from outside the academy.

Four copies and/or a digital version of all materials are required and should be sent to the address below. A Selection Committee, appointed by the SLA President, will consider the applications and designate (an) awardee(s) who will be announced at the Annual Business meeting. The Selection Committee may choose to make one or two awards, or none, in any given year. Note that because an individual’s representative work is eligible for five years, this evidence of accomplishment, with any relevant updates, could be considered in more than one annual award cycle.

Send nominations and/or inquiries to