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Letters, we get letters…

Social media evolves quickly. Our presence on Twitter and Facebook allows the Digital Contents team to quickly share information, making Roundup blog posts seem like a quaint artifact from the bygone age of 2010. Nevertheless, we do get communications (not actual ink-on-paper letters, but digital approximations thereof) about events or publications that individuals think may be of wider interest.

The following links do not reflect the official opinion of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology, its officers or its individual members. If any of them sound interesting, you may want to check them out and perhaps leave a comment.

  • Old Colombian languages, customs get newfound respect. A reader shared this LA Times story about Spanish-Wayuu bilingual education in Columbia.
  • Gendered Racial Boundaries in WWII Alaska. A society member points to Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences announcement about Holly Miowak Guise’s oral history of Native Alaskan segregation during World War II.
  • The Island and the Whales documentary on Kickstarter. Film producer Mike Day is asking for donations to support his documentary about whaling and marine pollution in the Faroe Islands.
  • Too Rude for Tenure? A correspondent recommended this Inside Higher Education piece about a University of North Georgia Spanish professor who resigned following an investigation into hostile interactions with colleagues. The investigation raises questions about tenure and professional interaction.