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Black Lives Matter and Police Violence

Contributors to the LINGANTH email list share readings and other resources for use in linguistic anthropology classes on topics of police violence, the Black Lives Matter movement, and structural racism in the United States and elsewhere.

Elise Berman of UNC Charlotte asked:

I need to talk about police violence. I was wondering if anyone had planned specific lessons on police violence and black lives matter in linguistic anthropology classes and would be willing to share what they did? There are obviously a lot of different connections.

Colleagues Hillary Dick, Inmaculada García Sánchez, Meghanne Barker, Bonnie McElhinny, Jacqueline Messing, Michael Prentice, Donna Auston, Tyanna Slobe, Adam Hodges, Michele Koven, Shannon Bischoff, Rebecca Campbell, Krystal Smalls, and Steven Black responded with the following recommendations.

The Anthropoliteia #BlackLivesMatterSyllabus Project collects anthropological work addressing the confluence of race, policing and justice. Another project drawing from  a variety of fields is the “Black Lives Matter Fall 2016” syllabus from Frank Leon Roberts at New York University.

Readings in linguistic anthropology include:

[Updated 9/26. Additional readings added.]

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