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Directions for Signing up for the LSJ Committee Listserv

Prepared by: Netta Avineri, Susan D Blum, Hilary Parsons Dick, and Robin Conley Riner

About the Listserv

The Language & Social Justice (LSJ) listserv is a valuable tool for networking and keeping up with activities, information, and issues related to the LSJ, as well as in the field of language and social justice more broadly. It also provides a discussion forum for professional topics, a means for exchanging relevant news, and a venue for critical dialogue about members’ language and social justice efforts.

The LSJ is open to any scholar with an interest in the topics of discussion. Members may post at any time and all members are encouraged to contribute to discussions relevant to the group. Below are the listserv guidelines, which provide some expectations for the list.

Once you sign up to be an LSJ member (see below), you are automatically part of the LSJ listserv.

The email address to post a LSJ message is:

You will not be able to post a message until you have joined the LSJ listserv.

Once you have joined, you can access the full archive of LSJ posts by going to <> and selecting the “AAA Task Group on Language and Social Justice.” Members can set the frequency of the posts they receive or the LSJ Core Members can do that for them, if they email us to let us know their preferences. Here are the options when you go to (see screenshot below):

Joining the LSJ

To become a member of the LSJ, send an email to Core Member Rae Jazera: