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Adam Hodges’s 2017 “Trumped Up Words” columns

Please see the following for an end-of-year index of Adam Hodges’s Trumped Up Words columns on the Anthropology News website. Adam assures us there are more to come in 2018!  As a reminder, you may wish to download any column you plan to use in the future; AN columns are generally moved to AnthroSource after 3-4 months and may be difficult to access and/or behind a paywall.

Rescuing Ourselves from the Argument Culture (December) 

Responsibility and Evidence in Trumpian Discourse (November)

The Paranoid Style of Climate Change Denial (October)

Wrestling with ‘The Donald’ (September)

A Bully in the Presidential Bully Pulpit (August)

America’s Most Consequential Racial Divide (July)

Trump Echoes Bush in Middle East Visit (June)

The Myth of the Apolitical Judge: How Language Ideologies Underlie the Judicial Confirmation Process (May)

Playing Telephone with the Power of the Presidency (April)

When the Discourse of Theater Trumps Truth (March)

How Plausibly Deniable Is It? (February)

Trump’s Formulaic Twitter Insults (January) 

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