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New SLA Blog!


At the 2018 AAA meeting, the Society for Linguistic Anthropology’s Board decided to open a space on SLA’s website to begin a blog project that could showcase pieces written by SLA members at any stage in their career. Given the proliferation of official blogs from other anthropological subdisciplines, it felt important to allow the conversations taking place amongst our membership to enter more public arenas. We intend this to become a space to encourage and facilitate dialogue amongst our members while bringing greater visibility to key issues in the field to a wider audience.

Blog posts shall be relatively brief—somewhere between 4-7 paragraphs. Entry topics have been organized into four categories, without barring any topics related to issues important to SLA that members might want to write about. The list below is by no means exhaustive, and meant only to provide a sketch of what might be featured.

1. Methods and research (relationships with interlocutors, organization techniques and strategies, ethnographic methods, use of software for transcription/organization)

2. Academic life (issues in teaching, challenges for writing, labor in tenure-track, adjunct, or grad student positions)

3. Topics in the discipline (language ideologies, language revitalization, sign-interpretantrelationships, sociophonetics, etc.)*

*2019 has been declared Year of Indigenous Languages by some global institutions and SLA will be participating in this focus in ways yet undisclosed; a blog post on this topic would be fitting once we know more as to the initiatives.

4. Linguistic anthropology in practice (on work in the discipline that happens outside of academic institutions, beyond the classroom)

Any SLA members interested in having a piece featured on the SLA blog should contact Elizabeth Falconi, Digital Media Director and Diego Arispe-Bazán, Social Media Manager, via, with a topic proposal, 3-4 sentences long.