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SLA 2022 Program for AAA in Seattle

Hi SLA folks,

Attached is the SLA 2022 program for AAA in Seattle. In it are panels and events sponsored by SLA, as well as panels featuring our members but sponsored by other sections and societies (which is noted in the schedule). Highlighted in yellow are SLA events organized by the SLA board, which includes the board meeting, awards ceremony and cash bar, SLA mentoring roundtable, and the student paper prize panel.

This list was compiled based on emails that I received from you all, and whatever information I could gather from Pathable. As such, there are some pieces of information that I could not locate (i.e. room numbers or complete list of participants). I apologize for these omissions. Nevertheless, I hope that this schedule proves helpful in planning out your AAA experience, and to take stock of the amazing work that our society members are doing!

See you all in Seattle. And have a great weekend everyone.