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Journal of Linguistic Anthropology seeking Editor-in-Chief

The Executive Board of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology invites applications for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. The editorship is a three-year term, beginning January 15, 2024. Candidates are requested to submit a cover letter and curriculum vitae including names of two referees to Summerson Carr at The deadline for applications is November 30, 2023

The Editor-in-Chief has the option of working with a co-Editor-in-Chief; this preference should be indicated on the application.

Job Description. The Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology is responsible for:

Manuscript processing and evaluation: Ensuring quality and timeliness

  • Initial screening and evaluation of submissions for suitability and quality (some submissions may be rejected without review; others may be returned for revisions before initial review).
  • Requesting peer reviews from scholars with relevant expertise, tracking responses and timely return of reviews.
  • Assessing submissions on the basis of reviews and the editor’s judgment.
  • Preparing decision letters that explain decisions and providing clear directions for revisions.
  • Assessing revisions to ensure they have responded to directions in the editorial letter.
  • Overseeing book reviews via the book review editor, who solicits and copy-edits book reviews.

The production process:

  • Working with Wiley publishing staff to provide accepted articles on schedule.
  • Ensuring articles meet formatting and style requirements, following the Wiley Journal Style Manual.
  • Managing typesetting/formatting problems with the publisher.
  • Proofreading typeset articles and final issue mock-up.
  • Corresponding with AAA staff, including consultants, to ensure that articles are submitted with the requisite cover letter and consist of double-blinded original content.


  • Identifying newsworthy articles to AAA staff and SLA extended board members, including the Anthropology News section editors and the Social Media Manager.
  • Identifying issues/articles to be made available for open access.
  • Soliciting and/or evaluating special issues and special non peer-reviewed content, such as roundtables, forums etc.
  • Soliciting other-language abstracts, video abstracts or other material.


  • Convening an Editorial Board every three years and holding informational/advisory meetings with the board members twice a year.
  • Communicating with the Advisory Board and Editorial Board about the vision of the journal. All major changes to the journal should be discussed with both boards and the SLA leadership.
  • Preparing annual reports. 
  • Attending SLA extended board meetings, SLA business meetings, AAA journal editorship meetings and delivering presentations at these events.

Stipend: The SLA provides $10,000 as a yearly stipend to the Editor-in-Chief, which can be used for support for the editor, including course release, conference travel, RA salary, and/or copyediting assistance. Institutional Support: Candidates should indicate in their applications the institutional support that might be available from their home institution.