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2023 Book Prize Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Winners!

New Voices Book Prize

Piers Kelly for The Last Language on Earth: Linguistic Utopianism in the Philippines

Scott MacLochlainn for The Copy Generic: How the Nonspecific Makes our Social Worlds

Honorable Mention: Xochitl Marsilli-Vargas for Genres of Listening: An Ethnography of Psychoanalysis in Buenos Aires

John Gumperz Graduate Student Paper Prize


Timothy Y. Loh (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Paper Title: al-lugha al-‘umm/’arabi mukassar: Competing Discourses about Jordanian Sign Language (LIU) in Amman

Faculty Advisor: Stefan Helmreich

Jiarui Sun (University of Chicago)

Paper Title: Digital Rituals in Danmu: The Enregisterment of Online Nationalism in China

Faculty Advisor: Constantine Nakassis

Honorable Mentions

Katherine Arnold-Murray (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Paper Title: Settle for Biden: The Scalar Production of a Normative Presidential Candidate on Instagram

Faculty Advisor: Kira Hall

Sarah Rosenau (University of Pittsburgh)

Paper Title: Appropriating Appropriation: Mock Koreaboo

Faculty Advisor: Scott Kiesling (Kira Hall)

Undergraduate Student Prize

Course Paper Winner

Joelle Jackson (Indiana University)

Paper Title: (Re)animating Treasured Texts: Volunteers’ Visibility and Voice in Participatory Archival Transcription

Faculty Advisor: Kathryn Graber

Senior Thesis Winner

Allyson Emmett (Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame)

Paper Title: Gender and Linguistic Change: Perceptions of English Influencing Changes in Spanish in the U.S.

Faculty Advisor: Nell Haynes

Honorable Mentions

Thayer H. Ackerman (Appalachian State University)

Paper Title: The Chronotopes of Columbia

Faculty Advisor: Mary-Caitlin Valentinsson

JS Brown (Appalachian State University)

Paper Title: Cultivating Time and Space in Digital Advertising and Corporate Branding

Faculty Advisor: Mary-Caitlin Valentinsson