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Undergraduate Education

AL8470 – Sociolinguistics

Instructor/Creator: Stephanie Lindemann Institution/Campus/Department: Applied Linguistics and ESL, Georgia State University Course: AL8470 – Sociolinguistics Subject(s): Sociolinguistics Topic(s): Code Communities, Disadvantage, Discrimination, Ethnography, Gender, Language Planning, Language Variation, Language Variation and Change, Language Varieties, Linguistic Relativism;, Sociolinguistics and Education, Solidarity and Politeness, Speech Communities, Talk… Read More »AL8470 – Sociolinguistics

ANT206Y5 – Culture and Communication: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

Instructor/Creator: Dylan Clark Institution/Campus/Department: Anthropology, University of Toronto Course: ANT206Y5 – Culture and Communication: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology Subject(s): Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology Topic(s): Class and ethnicity, Gender, language endangerment, language in social action, language revitalization, multi-racial… Read More »ANT206Y5 – Culture and Communication: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

Video clips for teaching language ideologies

Several colleagues have suggested film and video clips that may be useful in teaching about language ideologies, including the value of standard and non-standard varieties, social stereotypes, and style shifting. This post includes several YouTube videos.