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Sign Photos: Figures 9a and 9b

Figure 9a

Figure 9b

Figures 9a and 9b show street signs with the name ‘Auli‘i in the old and new orthography in Orchidland Estates, Puna, on the island of Hawai‘i. ‘Auli‘i Street connects the subdivision with Highway 130. The signs within the subdivision all use the new orthography, as shown in Figure 9a. Notice, however, the shape of the symbol used for the ‘okina. This symbol is similar to the one used in Figures 3 and 7, and the Hawai‘i Convention Center, but it faces to the right instead of the left. Figure 9b shows the same name in the old orthography on the sign appearing at the intersection of ‘Auli‘i Street with Highway 130.

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