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Book editors weigh in on questions that authors commonly ask:

1) What type of guidance should an author expect in working with an editor?

2) How long does it usually take to get reviews back on a manuscript?

3) How should authors think about potential reviewers to suggest to presses?

4) How do authors submit to multiple presses without offending editors?

5) How should authors transform already published articles into book chapters?

6) Dissertations are often made available online through, for instance, Proquest. How does this potentially impact the publishing process (of books based on dissertations)?…ons-versus-books/ ‎

7) What sort of questions should first time authors ask editors that they often don’t?

8) When should an author first contact an editor? ‎

9) Would you recommend that first authors try to get an advance contract?  Why or why not?

10) How many chapters of a book can be already in print as articles?

11) What is the difference between a series editor and press editor? ‎

12) How long should a nervous author wait before asking an editor if the manuscript’s reviews are in yet?