Endangered minorities and linguistic pluralism in Italy

Stavroula Pipyrou November 21, 2017 In 1999, the implementation of act no. 482 finally created the opportunity to link linguistic minorities in Italy directly with local self-government. After the demarcation of their territories by the provincial councils, the linguistic minorities recognized by act no. 482 were granted the right to use their languages in the field of education both as a medium-language and as a subject in nursery schools, in primary and secondary education, in public meetings, in place names, in the media, and with public administration and judicial authorities. Local populations and institutions were determined to make the most

Gaelic-medium education outcomes in Scotland – Stuart Dunmore

Stuart Dunmore (U Edinburgh) introduces his research on the life trajectories of adults who were educated in Gaelic. He seeks to discover how such former students engage with the language today. This is the first in our series of graduate student guest posts.