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Video clips for teaching language ideologies

Several colleagues have suggested film and video clips that may be useful in teaching about language ideologies, including the value of standard and non-standard varieties, social stereotypes, and style shifting. This post includes several YouTube videos.

Steve Harvey’s white voice

Black Comedian Steve Harvey compares white and black communication styles. He imitates a white man’s voice at 2:35-4:13. (2:35-4:13) [youtube][/youtube]

Holllywood Injun English in MacGuyver

See 8:27-9:38 in this episode of MacGuyver for a Hollywood portrayal of Injun English (8:27-9:38)

Mock Asian in Margaret Cho and Long Duk Dong

Examples of Mock Asian Margaret Cho (8:32-end) [youtube][/youtube] Gedde Watanabe (Long Duk Dong) on NPR

Gendered interactional styles in Friends

This clip from the TV show Friends demonstrates a media representation of male and female interactional styles. [youtube][/youtube]