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About the Listserv
The Language & Social Justice (LSJ) listserv is a valuable tool for networking and keeping up with activities, information, and issues related to the LSJ, as well as in the field of language and social justice more broadly. It also provides a discussion forum for professional topics, a means for exchanging relevant news, and a venue for critical dialogue about members’ language and social justice efforts.
The LSJ is open to any scholar with an interest in the topics of discussion. Members may post at any time and all members are encouraged to contribute to discussions relevant to the group. Below are the listserv guidelines, which provide some expectations for the list.
 If you are interested in signup for the listserv, click here for directions.
LSJ Listserv Guidelines
  • All LSJ members are welcome to post relevant information to the listserv. Examples of postings include: pertinent language and social justice articles, resources, and videos; ideas for LSJ initiatives; and solicitations of feedback from other members.
  • When posting, fully identify yourself (name, affiliation, etc.). Some of the list members already know each other, but as new LSJ members are added regularly, introducing yourself makes people feel welcome and facilitates greater participation.
  • Contextualize your posting. Do not send a link or any other information on its own. Briefly explain the content of the forwarded material and why you think it is relevant to LSJ members.
  • Do not forward personal email without first obtaining permission from the original sender. When forwarding, be clear that you have received this permission.
  • When replying to messages, please note whether you want your message to go to the entire group (this happens automatically when you hit “reply”) or to a particular individual (which means typing their email address into the “TO” field).
  • Political discussions are welcome, as are differences of opinion. Please do not feel you have to agree with everything posted. Be respectful when disagreeing publicly.
  • Posts should not contain harassing statements, defamatory statements, or personal attacks. Be thoughtful about the language you use. Pay attention to how people’s names are spelled and other forms of address.
  • The list can be used to request feedback on works-in-progress, both those coming out of LSJ initiatives as well as independent projects relevant to the LSJ. When requesting feedback, be clear about what the project is and what kind of feedback you are seeking. Authors soliciting feedback are not obligated to use the feedback provided.
  • Occasional self-promotion is acceptable, if the project is of interest to the group. Promotion for commercial gain is not allowed, excepting book authors with a publication of interest.
  • Members should self-moderate the quality and quantity of their posts.
Prepared by: Netta Avineri, Susan D. Blum, Hilary Parsons Dick, and Robin Conley Riner