Announcement of new JLA Editor

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The SLA board has concluded its search and is pleased to announce that Paul Kockelman will be the next Editor of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, starting in November at the close of the 2016 AAA.  Many many thanks to outgoing Editor-in-Chief Alexandra (Misty) Jaffe and Associate Editor Paul Garrett for their years of editorial service for the journal.

New Issue Alert: Journal of Linguistic Anthropology (December 2015)

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Volume 25, Issue 3 Pages 239–364 Articles Inscribing the Miraculous Place: Writing and Ritual Communication in the Chapel of a Guatemalan Popular Saint (pages 239–255) Timothy W. Knowlton Article first published online: 11 DEC 2015 | DOI: 10.1111/jola.12100 Abstract Article PDF(875K) References Request Permissions   Communicating and Hand(ling) Technologies. Everyday Life in Educational Settings Where Pupils With Cochlear Implants Are Mainstreamed (pages 256–284) Ingela Holmström, Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta and Rickard Jonsson Article first published online: 11 DEC 2015 | DOI: 10.1111/jola.12097 Swedish Sign Language Video Abstract: International Sign-System Video Abstract: Abstract Article PDF(1031K) References Request Permissions   “What do

Update on the SLA Committee for Language and Social Justice

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Core Committee Established The SLA Committee for Language and Social Justice has now established its core committee, and is proud to welcome the new core committee members, Susan Blum and Hilary Dick. The Society for Linguistic Anthropology thanks Daniel Suslak and Patricia Baquedano-Lopez for their service on the LSJ committee. They have helped make the work for the LSJ Committee more visible and relevant to current debates and issues of social discrimination. If you are interested in participating in LSJ initiatives and campaigns, please contact Netta Avineri or Robin Conley to be added to the google group list. Recent posts about Language and Social Justice [Sports Mascots] 

AN News: “Report on the 2014 SLA Business Meeting” by Aaron Ansell (Virginia Tech)

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The annual business meeting of the SLA in Washington DC was attended by about 150 people, and proved to be a lively and informative event. President Paul Kroskrity reported on two areas of general concern: increasing public engagement around issues of linguistic racism and the mentoring of junior colleagues within SLA itself. Paul reported on the results of a mentorship survey, which indicate willingness among members to serve as mentors. However, because the survey does not provide a good basis for moving forward, we are waiting for AAA-wide initiatives that will provide both models and resources for future planning. Finally,

Spotlight: Journal of Linguistic Anthropology

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The Journal of Linguistic Anthropology is the primary publication of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology. This web site features a variety of information about the journal, and links to additional content from the American Anthropological Association and Wiley Online Library.

New SLA Anthropology News Column

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The Society for Linguistic Anthropology’s column in Anthropology News has been updated with an article by Christopher Ball, Alejandro Paz, and Michael Silverstein, entitled, “Teleologies of Structuralism.” Click here to read the article. 

Newest issue of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology available online

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      August 2013 Volume 23, Issue 2 Table of Contents: Articles Thoroughly Mixed Yet Thoroughly Ethnic: Indexing Class with Ethnonyms (pages E1–E22) Andrea L. Smith and Anna Eisenstein Reading in Context: The Interpretation of Personal Reference in Ancient Maya Hieroglyphic Texts (pages E23–E47) Danny Law, Stephen Houston, Nicholas Carter, Marc Zender and David Stuart Intellectual Property in Practice: Filtering Testimony at the United States Trade Representative (pages E48–E65) Alexander S. Dent Co-Constructing Colonial Dichotomies in Female Former Colonizers’ Narratives of the Belgian Congo (pages E66–E83) Dorien Van De Mieroop and Mathias Pagnaer   Book Review Article Political Economy and Language: A Review

Top 100 AAA Journal Articles ungated for summer

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From the American Anthropological Association blog we learn that the 100 articles most downloaded from Anthrosource during 2012 will be ungated for the summer. Anyone interested can read the articles on the Wiley Online Library during this period. The Top 100 list includes a number of terrific articles related to linguistic anthropology.

JLA “Racializing Discourses”

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology special issue, “Racializing Discourses,” now available online! Misty Jaffe and Paul Garrett are very pleased to announce the publication of the first-ever online issue of JLA. (Further information about JLA online issues is available here.) Guest-edited and with an introduction by Hilary Dick and Kristina Wirtz, this special themed issue includes articles by Kristina Wirtz (“Cuban Performances of Blackness as the Timeless Past Still Among Us”); Hilary Dick (“Making Immigrants Illegal in Small-Town USA”); Stanton Wortham, Elaine Allard, Kathy Lee & Katherine Mortimer (“Racialization in Payday Mugging Narratives”); Ryan Blanton (“Chronotopic Landscapes of Environmental Racism”); and

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology Top Articles

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Below is a list of the top 20 most downloaded articles from Journal of Linguistic Anthropology during 2010. Thanks to Wiley-Blackwell for supplying this information. All authors are invited to discuss these articles in more depth in a separate blog post. (Rank Accesses Article Title Authors Volume Issue) 1 (863) The Whiteness of Nerds: Superstandard English and Racial Markedness MARY BUCHOLTZ JLA 11(1) 2 (743) Those Naughty Teenage Girls: Japanese Kogals, Slang, and Media Assessments LAURA MILLER JLA 14(2) 3 (725) Urban Princesses: Performance and Women’s Language- in Japan’s Gothic/Lolita Subculture ISAAC GAGNE JLA 18(1) 4 (419) The Social Circulation

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 21(1)

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Journal of Linguistic Anthropology – Volume 21, Issue 1 – June 2011 – Wiley Online Library. Currently in Free Access Articles Textual Iconicity and the Primitivist Cosmos: Chronotopes of Desire in Travel Writing about Korowai of West Papua (pages 1–21) Rupert Stasch Commodity Registers (pages 22–53) Asif Agha What Goes Around . . . : Some Shtick from “Tricky Dick” and the Circulation of U.S. Presidential Image (pages 54–77) Michael Silverstein The Historical Certainty of the Interpretively Uncertain: Non-Referentiality and Georgian Modernity (pages 78–98) Lauren Ninoshvili Culture and Interdiscursivity in Korean Fricative Voice Gestures (pages 99–123) Nicholas Harkness Major and Minor Chronotopes in a Specialized Counting System (pages 124–141) Donald