SLA Presidential Conversation

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SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY PRESIDENTIAL CONVERSATION ON LANGUAGE AND MOBILITY: RETHINKING THE POPULATIONS, PRACTICES, AND PLACES OF “MIGRATION” Friday, November 22, 2013 12:15pm to 1:30pm Chicago Hilton (Williford A) Event Description In conjunction with the AAA Public Education Initiative on Migration, this event will engage the co-constitutive relationships between language practices and the forms of mobility that are enabled and constrained by the processes of late capitalism. Participants will explore new approaches to mobility and language through a dialogic format. During the first part of the event, invited participants will offer brief reflections on the topic of language and mobility,

2013 SLA Student Essay Competitions Results

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Society for Linguistic Anthropology 2013 Graduate Student Essay Competition 2 Winners: Elise Kramer (University of Chicago) ”Speaking for the Voiceless: Metaphors of Power and Agency in Political Discourse” Katherine Geenberg (Stanford) ”Fractal Marginalization and Linguistic Style in Hill Country: How the Nor-Rel-Muk Indians mix local Englishes to construct authenticity” 3 runners-up: Jonghyun Park (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) ”Korean Rap and Rhyme: Local Enregisterment of a Foreign Genre” Ferguson, Jenanne (University of Aberdeen) ”Code-mixing among Sakha-Russian bilinguals in Yakutsk: a spectrum of features and shifting indexical fields” Sabrina Gavigan (American University) “Meet the [Neoliberal] Faces of Mexico” All 5 will present

New SLA Anthropology News Column

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The Society for Linguistic Anthropology’s column in Anthropology News has been updated with an article by Christopher Ball, Alejandro Paz, and Michael Silverstein, entitled, “Teleologies of Structuralism.” Click here to read the article. 

Newest issue of the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology available online

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      August 2013 Volume 23, Issue 2 Table of Contents: Articles Thoroughly Mixed Yet Thoroughly Ethnic: Indexing Class with Ethnonyms (pages E1–E22) Andrea L. Smith and Anna Eisenstein Reading in Context: The Interpretation of Personal Reference in Ancient Maya Hieroglyphic Texts (pages E23–E47) Danny Law, Stephen Houston, Nicholas Carter, Marc Zender and David Stuart Intellectual Property in Practice: Filtering Testimony at the United States Trade Representative (pages E48–E65) Alexander S. Dent Co-Constructing Colonial Dichotomies in Female Former Colonizers’ Narratives of the Belgian Congo (pages E66–E83) Dorien Van De Mieroop and Mathias Pagnaer   Book Review Article Political Economy and Language: A Review

SLA Election Results

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We are pleased to announce the results of the recent SLA elections. Bonnie Urciuoli was voted President-Elect, a two year term after which she will serve two years as President. James Wilce was elected to a two year term as Executive Committee Member-at-Large. These terms will begin at the end of the AAA meetings in November. At that time, Paul Kroskrity will step up from President-Elect to President of SLA.   Congratulations to Bonnie and James, and thank you for your willingness to serve in these positions. Thanks also to SLA members who agreed to stand for office, and to all those who voted in the

Top 100 AAA Journal Articles ungated for summer

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From the American Anthropological Association blog we learn that the 100 articles most downloaded from Anthrosource during 2012 will be ungated for the summer. Anyone interested can read the articles on the Wiley Online Library during this period. The Top 100 list includes a number of terrific articles related to linguistic anthropology.

SLA Undergraduate Contest Announcement

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(Via Jillian Cavaugh) The Society for Linguistic Anthropology would like to invite submissions of undergraduate student papers for the SLA’s Annual Student Essay Contest. The winner will receive a prize certificate, a $500 prize, and a grant of up to $300 to cover expenses for travel to the AAA meeting to accept the award. Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges. A prize will be awarded only if a submission of sufficiently high quality is received. The winner or winners will be announced at the SLA business meeting, which is held during the annual meeting of the American

AAA Elections 2013

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Elections for American Anthropological Association positions, including President-Elect, Executive Board members, and several committee positions, as well as elections for the Society for Linguistic Anthropology and other sections are open now until 31 May, 2013.

CFP: The Struggle Over Text and Context in the Healthcare Industry: Where Is Anthropological Insight

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Via Lissie Wahl-Kleiser: Lissie Wahl-Kleiser, Seth D. Hannah, Michael T. Nathan Contextualization is sine que non for anthropological interpretation. Applied industries, in contrast, favor literal interpretation of written and oral communication. Contextualization is notoriously absent from interpreting industry codes of ethics and standards of practice and when mentioned at all, it is given marginal attention. Does anthropology have anything to offer the processes of interpretation outside its own discipline? If so, how, when, and where? Do interpreters and the institutions they work for have flexibility to employ a more contextualized approach to interpretation? Might such questions uncover other struggles and negotiations

SLA Submissions for AAA (March 15)

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The Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) invites your submissions for the American Anthropological Association’s 2013 Annual Meeting, which will be held this year in Chicago, Illinois, November 20-24. This year’s theme is: “Future Publics, Current Engagements”.

M.A. Program in Linguistic Anthropology, Northern Arizona University

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M.A. PROGRAM IN LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY Flagstaff, Arizona The Department of Anthropology, Northern Arizona University offers one of the country’s best anthropology MA programs.Our MA program in linguistic anthropology provides students with opportunities for scholarly development and applied work grounded in strong theoretical and methodological foundations. Strengths of the program include an emphasis on professionalization and on developing skills in the use of technology and making presentations. For example, ANT 514 (Linguistic Anthropology Lab) provides experience in collecting audiovisual data, the use of technology in editing and transcribing those data, and a setting in which students regularly present